Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Talk Time Tuesday: Male Beauty versus the Intensity of the Beast by Melinda Curtis

My husband and I recently discovered that one of our college age children had upgraded our Amazon account from regular prime (free shipping!) to prime with video. Being busy adults who barely venture onto Netflix, we decided to be daring and check out some Amazon shows.

Nothing we've watched so far would have what I used to call Heartthrob Heroes. But once you get into a series and fall prey to the intensity of what society might call "Average Joes", you tend to fall in love regardless.

For example, take Sneaky Pete. Giovanni Ribisi plays what should be a very unlikable guy - a thief and con man, who needs money to rescue his brother from a mobster. After three years of listening to his cellmate Pete talk about his estranged family (who was in the "bond" business), our hero decides to impersonate Pete and try to swindle or steal the money needed to save his brother. As the series progressed, I began to realize Giovanni's got something sexy going on. It's his confidence, his swagger, his street smarts, and his heart.

Who knew?

Or take Goliath, starring Billy Bob Thornton. Now, I'm not much of a Billy
Bob fan and I can't really say why. But this non-traditional hero (a drunk lawyer who's burnt out and washed up) sinks his claws into a woman (now there's an image). Billy Bob played a smart, tortured hero and got his sexy going on.

And this is why I love reading different authors who take regular guys and make me root for them - not just to save the ranch, win the big game, or come home safely from war, but because they make me fall in love with Average Joes who face the crappy hand they've been dealt or the impossible situation they've backed themselves into. They face it. They endure. And they win my heart.

Are there any unlikely heroes you've fallen for without meaning to? Guys you wouldn't classify as a traditional hunk or what Hollywood used to call a romantic lead? Tell me about it.

Melinda Curtis is an award-winning USA Today bestselling author of over 30 books. Her latest release, The Bridesmaid Wore White, is installment #5 in the popular sweet romantic comedy series.

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