Saturday, December 10, 2016

WEEKEND WILDCARD: Heidi Rice's Writing Year in Pictures and Tweets

With Christmas fast approaching and a New Year on the horizon, Harlequin Presents author Heidi Rice looks back over an eventful year - with a little help from her Twitter & Instagram accounts!

So I'm not gonna lie to you, I wanted to do a great retrospective of what I'd been doing in 2016, but the truth is I started to try and remember what the heck I had been doing and I had to turn to Twitter and Instagram to jog my memory... And then I thought, heck, why not just do this blog in Tweets and Instagram posts... So here's what Heidi did in 2016 –  in 140 characters or less...


I saw Leo DiCaprio freeze his arse off in The Revenant...

And survived Dry January (just)!


My First Women's Fiction book, So Now You're Back, came out...

So did my Tule novella, Daring the Bad Boy (and the cover made me hyperventilate)


My mate Iona Grey won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award with the fabulous Letters to the Lost... And I may have blagged a photo wtih Fern Cotten...

Tempting the Knight finaled in the RITAs... And I boasted about it incessantly (ie: this was not the only Tweet on the subject)...


I went camper-vanning in Cornwall and saw Poldark (but no one believed me).

Fiona Harper and I went mad at the London Book Fair (and Fan-girled Marian Keyes).


I finally discovered Emojis (about a decade after everyone else)...

And I hung out in Dublin with Abby Green.


I did some serious re-filing the well writing-inspiration-wise with trips to North Wales with my best mate...

And Italy with my guys...


I milked my RITA final some more at the RWA conference in San Diego with Scarlet Wilson (who was busy milking her TWO finals!!)


The Olympics happened, I got even more inspired... And I made up for lost time with the emojis.


I got a sneak peek at my first Classic Presents cover for Vows They Can't Escape (due out next year) at the glittering M&B author drinks party.


After months of preparation, I had a ball tutoring the writers on my first Introduction to Writing Hot Romance course at the Professional Writing Academy...


I did NaNoWriMo... And totally aced it, if I say so myself (I also discovered Gifs)

I celebrated 100 books with the awesome and awe-inspiring Sharon Kendrick (nekkid waiters were involved, which totally explains the camera-shake on that picture).


I set about finishing the year off in style with a 3-hour lunch with the lovely Jane Porter... Talking writing, my upcoming Marietta book for Tule and alpha guys (not necessarily in that order).

So there you have it, my year in pics and Tweets... What did you do this year? Anything awesome?

Heidi is currently working on revisions for her second women's fiction book for Harlequin UK and getting stuck into her first Marietta book for Tule. Which will both be out next year (fingers crossed). But until then her first Classic Presents Vows They Can't Escape is due out in February 2017 in the US and the UK... And she is ludicrously excited about it.

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