Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekend Wildcard: A Few of Kristina's Favorite Books

for strength of character, Kristina chooses The Obsession
Pink Heart Society columnist Kristina Knight shares a few of her favorite reads from 2016. Share your favorites in the comments!

There are few things I like more than grabbing a mug of cocoa, requisitioning a corner of my sofa for an hour or more, and diving into a really great story. I have people ask me all the time if it's hard to slip into a story - if my internal editor is constantly working, if that editor draws me out of the story, if, if, if...and my answer is (usually) no. I've become pretty good at opening a book and kicking my expectations out of it. There are times this is harder - like if I'm working on particularly hard revisions or if I'm really stuck on something going on in my own books - but even then I can usually take a beat, clear my head, and dive in. 

This year, part of bebe's daily homework is to read for 20 minutes. So she grabs her book, I grab mine and we couch it for 20 minutes. Sometimes, we're both so enamored of what we're reading that we turn that 20 into 30, and we don't mind at all. Those 20 minutes are precious minutes, and have become such a habit that even hard revisions or being stuck on a story problem aren't bugging me. I sit down with her and focus on the book in my hands, not the one in my head. I'm loving it.

I noticed this week that Publisher's Weekly has released their best books of 2016 list. I was paging through it and realized I'd only read a handful - one of my goals for 2017 is to read more outside the romance genre...of course, romance will likely remain my go-to because...I just love it. The Publisher's Weekly Romance list can be found here and their Top 10 from across genres can be found here.

I thought I'd share three of my favorite reads (all romance genre) from this no particular order.

Maisey Yates' Brokedown Cowboy. I know, this was technically a 2015 book, but I didn't get to read
for raw emotion, Kristina picks Brokedown Cowboy
it until this year. So it's a 2016 book for me, and it had me from the first page. The hero was a wreck, the heroine completely believable, and the supporting cast so much fun to see. Also, it won the Rita for long if you haven't picked this one up, go forth!

Kelly Bowen's Duke of My Heart. I don't read a ton of historical books, but I picked this one up because the heroine had been described to me as 'a fixer' and my brain went immediately to Scandal and, well, it was awesome. I liked that the hero and heroine weren't your typical duke-and-damsel, and I also like that both characters struggled with falling in love but still remaining true to their individuality. 

Nora Roberts' The Obsession. If you've followed me at all on social media you know I'm a Nora fan. I like her paranormals, I like her old stuff...I like Nora books better than JD books, but they're both good. The Obsession, for me, was a bit different than her suspenses of the past. It was grittier, the heroine maybe a bit stronger, and the topic (child of a serial killer) something I hadn't read before, but something I've always wondered about. She tackled both the rawness of the emotions such a child might feel and paired it with just the right amount of hope and cynicism. 

So, readers, did you have a favorite read from this year? Feel free to share in the comments - we can all use more books to read!

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  1. It's been such a...well, you know what kind of year it's been. Since going to work at the library, I've been immersing myself in books I read when my mom brought them home from the library in the 1960s. Miss Read's Thrush Green series, mainly, and later things like Jan Karon. They make me feel better and give me hope. I love that you and bebe have your couch reading time!

    1. Those are good ones! bebe's getting into the Chronicles of Narnia books - and I couldn't be happier about that!