Monday, December 12, 2016

Male On Monday- The Unexpected

A few weeks ago I let my favorite guy (my son) talk me into another superhero movie. I should stop here and say that he really didn’t have to talk me into anything. I adore the superhero genre. Still, I have to say that I felt a little blah about going to see the latest of Marvel’s movie releases- “Dr. Strange”. The trailer never seemed to grab me, but my guy went on and on about it and I got caught up in all the pre-release hype, so I decided to give it a try.

So glad I did! Talk about a refreshing change of pace. Even though I wasn’t over the moon to see the film, I do adore Benedict Cumberbatch’s work. I decided that fact alone was more than enough to give up a couple hours of my Saturday.

I titled this post “The Unexpected” because that’s exactly what Mr. Cumberbatch brought to the film. A high level of intelligence isn’t something that generally goes on my list of superhero criteria. I mean, some of these folks are very smart, but intelligence is just not one of the first attributes I tend to think of. “Dr. Strange” is, after all, a doctor so that label alone would seem to imply brain waves off the charts. Add to intelligence, cool humor and a kind of James Bond sexiness and you’ve got quite a superhero.

We can’t forget that every superhero has a gut-wrenching past that tugs at the heartstrings and makes the character more endearing. We definitely get that in “Dr. Strange”, delivered with Cumberbatch’s own brand of intensity.

If you haven’t checked out any of Mr. Cumberbatch’s work (where the heck have you been??!!) Seriously, you need to add this guy to your list of must-see actors. His work tends to be more on the serious side, but he’s definitely worth adding to your viewing list. Because of his tendency for more serious work, I wanted to spotlight him in today’s post. It’s always a treat to see an actor do something a little outside the box and do it well. Cumberbatch’s level of intensity; paired with the comedic element that one expects from Marvel movies, was just spot on.

Did I mention the James Bond sexiness? That was totally unexpected! I’d never read any of the “Dr. Strange” comics so I’m not sure if that particular brand of swagger was part of his character or just a little creative license on the part of the scriptwriter and director. Whatever the case, it was the right move and they couldn’t have made a better choice than Cumberbatch to pull this off. While some parts of his flash and dazzle lifestyle tapered off as the film went on, that element seemed to remain part of his character. I couldn’t help but think such a thing would’ve been impossible with any other actor in the role.

Did I mention the cape? Oh well…another time folks. Talk about swagger!!

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  1. great post.. And yes, Ben does look mighty fine in that cloak. My son met him while working as a chaperone on a BBC Shakespeare production called The Hollow Crown, and you might like to know that he is super nice in real life!