Monday, December 19, 2016

Male on Monday -- The Men You Meet

Anne McAllister is reflecting on meetings in real life and in books. She's also wrapping packages and, for once, writing a blog is a procrastination ploy to keep from having to wrap more.

I am presently threading through some backstory in the book I'm working on -- specifically the part where the heroine meets the hero for the first time and how this meeting is somehow different than all the other meetings she's had in her life because he's The One.

And since I don't have any other Males on Monday for you, I thought it might be a nice thing to reflect on meetings of our own with the men in our lives.  The book inspired it -- but so did a question from my 9 year old granddaughter last weekend.  She said, "How did you and Grandpa meet?"

She asks questions like that all the time, which is one of the reasons I love her. The rest are too numerous to catalog here. But as I told her that I saw her grandpa for the first time when I was just starting my junior year in college and he was helping the girl next door move in, I thought that there are probably only three people in the world who know that -- me, the man in question, and my roommate, to whom I remarked, "I'd like to have a boyfriend like that."

Coincidentally -- or not -- he came into the reserved book room of the library where I was working a week later and wandered around looking lost. So I asked him if I could help him find something. It's what you do when you work in a library.  And he told me the book he couldn't find, and I found it for him, and we talked briefly.  And then we talked again when he returned the book. And we talked a few more times when he appeared in the library. And the day after Thanksgiving, when we appeared to be the only two people who didn't go away for the holiday (yes, I exaggerate) and the student union was closed and he was bemoaning being unable to buy a cup of coffee, I (who lived a stone's throw from the library) offered to make him one when I got off my shift at work.

He sent me a Christmas card. I sent him a Chri
stmas card.  We walked on the beach, went to a play, talked and talked and talked.  In April we got engaged and we got married in August. My kids are appalled we knew each other so briefly.

I told them my grandparents knew each other six weeks when they got married. That's a family story I do know.  I know my grandfather's parents married because he needed a wife and she needed a husband, and importing her from Bavaria apparently seemed like a good idea.  In both cases it worked out.  My grandparents were married 59 years. My great-grandparents were only married 15 -- but it ended when my great-grandmother died.  We'll be married fifty years this coming summer (ye gods. Would you believe I was a child bride?)

Anyway, my own personal Male on Monday has enriched my life for fifty years now (beginning with the Christmas card).  I have now immortalized him -- and our meeting -- so more than four people know (counting my granddaughter) how we met.

How about you?  How did you meet the love of your life?  Or your best friend?  How did your parents meet?  Your grandparents? Your kids and their spouses if you're that far along?  Please share if you wish.

Best wishes to you all this season whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice or some other holiday.

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