Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Fun: Cozy Christmas Reads!

Pink Heart Society columnist Jill Kemerer shares cozy Christmas reads through the years...

It's December! We can officially enjoy all things Christmas, and at the top of my list are cozy Christmas reads.

I've always adored books, and I remember as a small child checking out picture books from the library. I wish I could recall some of the ones I used to read. In recent years I've found gems such as Jan Brett's Gingerbread Christmas. The illustrations are gorgeous and the writing engaging.

When I got a bit older, I fell in love with The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge by Laura Lee Hope. Those long ago Christmas traditions seemed so charming to me. A few highlights? The family made their own Christmas ornaments and flew across the frozen lake on an ice boat. Sounded fun to me!

A few years later I read Sweet Valley High Super Edition: Special Christmas by Francine Pascal. I remember nothing of this book except for the fact those rascally twins were swimming on Christmas Eve. MIND. BLOWN. People actually lived in places they could swim outdoors on Christmas eve? I'd lived in Michigan (aka: frozen tundra) my entire life. Suddenly, Elizabeth and Jessica seemed way cooler than I'd originally thought.

As a junior in high school, I discovered A Miracle on 24th Street by Valentine Davies in the school's library. What a welcome break that book was from studying for finals! I still watch the movie (either version) every year.

My love of Christmas novels continues. Every December the snowy cover of a category romance novel will catch my eye at the grocery store. Into the cart it goes, a lovely escape from the busy season. I also adore Hallmark Channel's original Christmas movies. They're delightful!

If you're looking for a FREE cozy Christmas read, you can check out my contemporary Christmas novella, A Cradle for Christmas, which is featured on's Online Reads for Love Inspired. Every Monday a new chapter releases until the final segment December 26, 2016. Here are the links to the chapters released so far.


With just days to go until Christmas, Heather Springfield is nine months pregnant and all alone. So she escapes to her family’s old cabin in Michigan. The happiest summers of her life were spent there…all until that last one that ruined everything. But she’ll have to do her best to focus on her baby and avoid Mason Aldridge, the boy next door and the one who got away
Mason’s never forgotten the sweet girl who once held his heart. So when Heather arrives one snowy night, her very pregnant belly triggers a fresh round of regrets. If things had been different, he might have been the man fortunate enough to call her and the baby his. But in the spirit of the season, forgiveness is in the air, and two old friends may just find their way to the best Christmas gift of all—a brand-new family.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapters 5-8 release each Monday until December 26, 2016!


My December 2016 Love Inspired is in stores now!!

Yuletide Redemption

A Mother's Christmas Wish 

After an accident leaves Celeste Monroe to raise her baby nephew, all she wants is to provide one-year-old Parker with a happy life. She hopes taking a job caring for injured Sam Sheffield will help fulfill that goal. But Sam's determination to avoid the world throws a wrench in her plans. Despite his best efforts, Sam can't take his eyes off the pretty caretaker. Her strength and her loving nature has him falling for her—and her baby. But he refuses to burden them with a man who's not whole. Can Celeste convince Sam he's daddy—and husband—material in time for them to celebrate Christmas together?

Click HERE for purchase links, Pinterest board, reviews and more!

What were your favorite Christmas books?


  1. I can't remember any Christmas books as a child beyond the requisite Night Before Christmas. I do have a stack of Christmas books to read each year and besides the Love Inspired Christmas books I have Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts, Lori Wilde, Sheila Roberts and Fern Michaels to name a few. I have plenty of books just wish I had another set of eyes. This was such a fun post! Merry Christmas Jill!

  2. I need another set of eyes, too, Christina! I love the list of authors you shared--they are all amazing!! Merry Christmas to you, too!