Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Talk: Veteran's Day's Unsung Heroes

At the Armor College at Fort Benning, Georgia, in the memorial for fallen heroes, there is a display honoring a fallen captain.  As part of the display is a letter from his wife, telling him about their baby daughter.  His wife sent photos so he could keep his daughter with him until he got home to see her.

The captain never met his daughter.

Today, as we honor our veterans for their service to our country, we should remember that they did not serve alone.  Yes, they stepped forward and offered to give their lives for our country, and for that, we are grateful.  But let us not forget those who stayed behind for they sacrificed as well.  For behind every solder, sailor, airman or marine, stands a mother, father, partner or spouse.  A person who willingly uproots their lives time and time again.  Who keeps the family together during deployment.  Who accepts that a platoon, unit, ship, etc., is as much their partners’ family as they are.   

And who copes with the injuries and PTSD that return with their spouses who serve in combat.

There’s a special kind of stress to knowing your partner is willing to give his/her life for their country.   Not every man or woman is cut out to marry a member of the armed forces. 

So today, when we say thank you to our Armed Forces, we also say thanks to you.  Your sacrifice is appreciated.


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