Saturday, October 08, 2016

Weekend Wildcard: That Dam Domme!

I’m shopping around for a new agent. To make some headway on that, I recently pitched the idea for the novel I’m already working on to a few agents I met at a writing conference. The main character is a Domme who gets involved with a non-kinky Alpha male type. This is the point where the agent I’m speaking with stops me cold. She says: “No one will buy that story. Women have enough weak men in their lives that they want to read about a take-charge man when they’re looking for an escape from reality.”

What this agent said completely blew my mind, and disappointed the hell out of me. The story I’ve been working on – for too long now – is really close to my heart for a few reasons and I want it to get out into the world, and I want it to do well. Plus, it’s sexy as hell. IMHO, obvs. But is that enough?

As a writer, the best advice to give - and follow – is “write what you love.” Write the stories that make your heart thrum with excitement, the stories that ignite your passion because nine times out of ten, the reader can sense your excitement and will happily follow you until the end of your story and on to the next. At the same time, as a writer who wants to make novel writing into a career, it’s almost a luxury to write what one wants and still sell well enough to successfully turn a passion into a living. It’s a chance you take with every new project – will my readers love it? Will it be worth my time? Will I love the final product? Questions whose answers vary according to the book that pops out.

As I go back and forth about my novel, thinking and re-thinking about markets and passion and everything else, I need something to keep me going. So, to provide a cheering section and inspiration for my fledgling story that will eventually see the light of day, I wanted to highlight some fab FemDom novels already out there in the world. Check them out and give them a read.

Beg for It by Megan Hart
A reunited lovers story that sizzles with hot sex, boss/employee dynamics, and a submissive alpha male who bends only for the right woman.

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill
An alpha male cop goes undercover as a submissive to find a killer. The only Domme he expects to find is the one responsible for the horrific murders, not the one who makes him fall willingly to his knees in submission.

Still by Ann Mayburn
A soldier suffering from PTSD meets a military doctor and Domme who has just what he needs to get him through the night, and through life.

Yes, Ma’am: Erotic stories of male submission
Brilliant and prolific anthologist, Rachel Kramer Bussel delivers a sexy collection of BDSM tales about men who say “yes, ma’am” and mean it.

**Let me know what you think: Is the idea of a man dropping to his knees for you a total turn-off – or would you order him to give you more?

Jamaican-born Lindsay Evans currently lives and writes in Atlanta, GA. A writer of sensual love stories and decadent erotica, she loves good food and romance and would happily travel to the ends of the earth for both.  Her latest book, BARE PLEASURES, will be available November 1st. Find out more about her books at  

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