Saturday, October 29, 2016

Weekend Wildcard - Adventurous Dreams

We're delighted to welcome Love Inspired author Christina Rich to the Pink Heart Society, as she talks about dreaming of adevnture...

Once upon a time in a land with white-capped mountain tops there was a little girl who dreamed of grand adventures flying thousands of feet in the air at Mach speeds. Barely three, at the time when my dad was stationed in Colorado Springs, I can still recall standing with my face pressed against the chain link fence and my fingers wrapped around the links as the Thunderbird jet engines fired and roared to life. That thrill carried with me as I graduated from elementary school to junior high and on to high school.

There was a time when we visited Ruby Mountain and I became captivated with the foaming white waters. A deep desire to experience white river rafting took root. Then there was a time in Phoenix when I witnessed a man glide off a small mountain, and the time when I thought I could walk across a golden field and pet a wild buffalo. I can tell you my mama wasn’t thrilled with that idea.

I had dreamed of fast horses, fast motorcycles, and even faster cars, of breaking sound barriers, jumping out of airplanes, and finding sunken treasure.  I had dreamed of being Indiana Jones, only better, because anything boys could do girls could do better, right?

Then I had babies and somewhere along the road fear became norm, leaving most of my wild tendencies in my imagination. Sometimes I even feared driving a mile down the road to the grocery store. The wildest dreams I thought of was painting my toenails red. Occasionally I’d climb on the rooftop and watch the fighter pilots perform aerial maneuvers during the air show and I would feel that spark of longing and excitement. I don’t know when, where or why the fear enterer my life. Maybe it was my induction into motherhood and knowing there was a precious child counting on me, or maybe it was the time when we were running from a tornadic storm with the baby in the car seat.

It wasn’t until I began writing and creating wild tendencies in my heroines that my fear of the unknown began to dissipate. Even though my characters live hundreds of years in the past, I lived vicariously through their adventures like hiding in caves and finding hidden gems that prove a child is the rightful heir to the throne, outwitting trained soldiers in order to save a man’s life, sailing with a captain on the high seas, and in my latest Love Inspired Historical, The Negotiated Marriage, fighting to keep a home rightfully belonging to the heroine all the while trying not to fall in love with the man she believes may be the enemy. 

I’m curious, what sort of adventures have you imagined? What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done? Me? In March, my girls and chased a funnel cloud. Of course, we stayed a good distance away and didn’t see much, but it was exciting.

Christina Rich's latest book, The Negotiated Marriage, is out in November:

A Business Arrangement

When the railroad pushes to buy her land, orphaned Cameron Sims will do anything to keep the only home she and her sisters have ever known. Even if she must marry a stranger. But she's determined her agreement with the mysterious, dashing man—who's unlike anything the Kansas railroad town has ever seen—will remain simply business.

Duncan Murray doesn't want a wife. He wants Sims Creek, a sanctuary that can help him forget a troubled childhood. But his reluctant, and captivating, bride-to-be is key to making his dreams a reality. And despite their business arrangement, Camy and Duncan might be signing on the dotted line for true love…

To find out more about Christina and her books, you can visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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