Monday, October 17, 2016

Male on Monday by Melinda Curtis

I was at a book signing a week ago where I was asked to speak and of course one of the questions was where do you get your ideas?

Sometimes I get so busy that I want to say, I don't know.

But I didn't. I said I get inspired from snippets of real life, like my brother's ex-girlfriend. She battled breast cancer while they were dating, went into early menopause, stopped using birth control, and a few weeks after they broke up, she realized she was pregnant. Hello, secret baby story! (Yes, that's my work in progress)

But I should have taken a page from some of my fellow authors. They often say they have a love affair with an actor. So I thought today I'd post some attractive men who represent the types of heroes I write (tall, dark, sometimes with an edge - as in I might not be able to handle him). And along the way, I'll blurt out ideas for a romance. Feel free to play along and post your own ideas in the comment section.

Hhhmmm. This guy looks a little intense. Do you know what would be fun (as in an author's idea of fun - making a character suffer)? Trap him in a marriage of convenience!

This guy is so not serious. Maybe a paranormal YA story? Does he really seem like a hero. Maybe he's the token extra who gets eaten by the dragon.

Cumberbatch! Definitely a romantic suspense. The heroine would need to keep on her toes.

What is it about this guy's eyes that make me want to put him in a sexy story? I used to love reading the Blaze "Wrong Bed" series. Or maybe a best friends to lovers story?

Rock Hudson. I can't tell you how many times my mom watched Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies. I'd put a heroine in heels for him (since I don't like to wear heels, I hate to force them on my heroines either). This would definitely be a rom-com!

Scruffy seems more approachable. This hero could fit anywhere - urban, small town. What about the pretend fiance?

Which hero would you choose and what type of romance would you put him in?

Happy Monday!

Melinda Curtis is an award winning, USA Today bestselling author of both sweet and sexy romances. Her latest romances are:

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