Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Talk-Time - Talking About Pets

We're delighted to welcome Love Inspired Historical author, Lyn Cote, to the Pink Heart Society, as she talks about pets and her addition to the Sweet Christmas Kisses boxset...

PETS, my necessary writing companions and often characters in my books
by Lyn Cote

V-8, my lapcat  helping me write early in the morning

Writing is a lonely job and my cats are my writing companions.

I warned my dh before I married him that I would always have a cat. When I met him, I already had Professor, one of the smartest cats I’ve ever known. And my dh from a dog family soon adapted to this fine feline.

The cat our children grew up with, Shadow, a beautiful Siamese mix passed away when they were both at college.

So when my husband and I moved to our present home in Wisconsin, we went to the local animal shelter and picked out two cats--one for me and one for my man--Sadie and V-8 (for the engine, not the juice) respectively. We did this the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for a specific reason. Neither of our children who still lived in another state--were coming to Thanksgiving dinner. We decided cats would not turn us down!

Sadie, the “boss cat” taking a nap

Three years later, my daughter finally found her way home to our house and promptly moved in with her cat, Tricksy, short for Trickster (not Trixie). And what fun adding a third cat was!

Tricksy enjoying a chin-wag with my husband-his grandpa

Then my mother in law passed away  and we inherited her 14 year old cat Mutzie. (Mutza is the Slovenian word for “cat.” And Steve’s mother was of Slovenian descent.  Mutzie had never lived with another animal and again Sadie did not think we needed yet another cat! And she was not shy about stating this once again in loud yowls and hisses!

Mutzie sitting up and taking notice

You can image our sadness when our senior cat Mutzie reached the end of his days.

Mutzie giving us THE LOOK
It’s hard to say good bye to our little furry friends, isn’t it? But that’s because they add so much to our lives.

Mutzie was only with us for just over four years but he brought us many laughs. I often say to my husband--”What would we laugh about if we didn’t have our cats?”

And that’s why I often add cats (and dogs) to my stories. In my holiday novella, “Mistletoe and Sage,” my hero and heroine go to an animal shelter to find a dog for her little boy. It’s a scene I’m familiar with and the need for our furry four-footed friends is one dear to me. 

“Mistletoe and Sage” is part of a boxed set of 17 sweet romance novellas from best-selling and award-winning authors.

To purchase, click here.  http://tinyurl.com/jf8jjha

Do you like it when an author does that--add a pet to a story? Why do you think readers like animals in their stories?

PS: Here’s our grandpuppy, Ambrose. Can’t leave him out!

Author of over 40 books, award-winning author Lyn Cote writes contemporary and historical romance. Her homepage blog features "Strong Women, Brave Stories." Visit her website/blog at http://www.LynCote.com and find her on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Your first picture reminds me of my cat, Cheetah, who adopted me a few years ago. He's all orange and likes to lay across my arms when I'm writing, too. I've almost always had a cat and a dogs now and then.
    Like in life, pets in stories touch our hearts because of their unconditional love and loyalty.

  2. ohmagosh! I just clicked the link. 99¢? That's practically free. Thanks for that. Also, Mutzie and Ambrose are so cute!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting Lyn and her cute pets, and Sweet Christmas Kisses 3! Happy holidays!!