Wednesday, September 14, 2016

TIME OUT THURSDAY - Adventures in Packing

Today Pink Heart Society columnist Jeannie Watt discusses one of the banes of her existence--packing for a trip, or "I'd better bring this, just in case..."

I’m not only in the process of moving my household from one state to another—I’m also in the process of packing to go to Florida for a writer’s conference. The good news is that the clothing I plan to wear is actually in the house I’m living in, not the house 600 miles away. The bad news is that it still has to be packed. Decisions have to made. Backup plans established. What if I forget something I need?

Periodically I read fashion blogs that showcase capsule travel wardrobes—five tops, three bottoms, one dress, a warmth layer, comfy shoes (in some of the blogs, the comfy shoes have four-inch heels, but whatever), either sandals or boots, depending on the season, and pumps if necessary. This all fits into one small suitcase, and you wear the boots, thus either annoying or amusing the people behind you in the security line at the airport as you hop around on one foot trying to get your boot off. The theory is that you can wear the articles of clothing in many different combinations, creating several unique outfits. It’s a good theory, and as long as I stayed far away from coffee, red wine and tomato sauce, it might work. Unfortunately, I love coffee, red wine and tomato sauce.

The nice thing about going to Florida is that I can pack for a relatively small window of weather extremes, since the hurricane season is waning. When I visit my mom in Montana I have to pack for a broad window of weather extremes—frigid to frying—in addition to needing three categories of clothing—ranch, town and comfy. For the longest time I ignored comfy, only to suffer watching late night television in my Levi’s, which is not the same as watching late night television in yoga pants or sweats.

My goal on this trip to Florida is to pack in one carry-on bag. If other people can travel the globe for months with one suitcase, I should be able to pull off five days. My plan—wrinkle free maxi dresses. Sandals and flip flops. A sweater and a sweat shirt. A pair of shorts, a couple of casual tops. No boots are necessary, so the people in the security line will have to get their entertainment elsewhere. Everything I pack will be in the colors of red wine, coffee and tomato sauce. That’s the plan, and if I roll everything and manage to talk myself out of bringing all of the last minute “necessities I’ll come up with, I should be fine. 

How are you at packing? One of the minimalists I so envy but will never be able to emulate? Or a bring-it-all-just-in-case type of packer?


She will not be his second choice…

When champion bronc rider Ty Harding returns home after four long years on the road, the first thing he does is look up Shelby O’Connor—the woman who begged him to stay. The woman he still loves.

Horse trainer Shelby O’Connor truly believes she’s over Ty—until he shows up on her family ranch and turns her world upside down. Shelby isn’t a big one for second chances, but she’s all about proving that she and Ty are done. But when she discovers that Ty plans to head back out on the rodeo circuit, despite his injuries, she has to come to terms with the fact that maybe she isn’t as over him as she thought she was. And now she has to decide what to do about that.

Will history repeat itself, or will Ty and Shelby get another chance at love?

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