Monday, September 12, 2016

My Male-MALES- On Monday

For me, Sunday nights are my Power Nights. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Starz drama, it’s the story of a former gangster James St. Patrick. Actually, I may be a little overly gracious in calling Mr. St. Patrick aka Ghost a former gangster. He’s actually working at trying to become former. Unfortunately, he’s got lots of people who’d prefer he maintain his life of drug running and murder for necessity. What makes that fact even more outrageous is that it’s those closest to Ghost who’d prefer he remain in his dangerous yet lucrative lifestyle-namely his wife Tasha and best friend Tommy.
            Every Sunday I sit almost in awe of Power’s talented cast, gritty writing and outstanding direction. The actors are to-die-for gorgeous, the dialogue keeps the ears happy, happy, happy and the sex scenes…let’s just say, the eyes get quite a workout as well. Still, if you ask the average Power viewer, I’m betting they’d say that there’s one more delight that keeps us coming back each Sunday for more of the uncompromising drama. The never-ending saga of Ghost and Tommy.

           I mentioned earlier that Tommy is Ghost’s best friend and that he doesn’t agree with Ghost’s attempts at leaving ‘the life’. The dynamics of this relationship go beyond the usual angst that exists between long-time friends. When they were kids, Ghost was the buffer between Tommy-a white kid with no real street sense- and the brutal realities of the inner city. The two form a bond at first out of necessity on Tommy’s part that gradually merges into one that makes these two men closer than any brothers could be. In spite of that, there’s a distinct love/hate quality between James St. Patrick and Thomas Egan. When I say ‘distinct’, I mean virtually no gray area exists between these guys when it comes to these emotions. The relationship is unquestionably complex with Tommy wanting Ghost out of his way, leaving him free to make his own moves. Just as often it seems Tommy wants Ghost by his side and making the hard decisions of the streets in unison.
            The writing brings forth the most sincere feelings of brotherly love when all is well between these two alpha personas. When there’s trouble in paradise, the writing pulls no punches. These moments make Ghost’s and Tommy’s scenes a joy to watch. They battle like nobody’s business. What makes the battle periods so intriguing is how Ghost and Tommy defend each other when they are apart. It’s as much a treat watching these two fight as it is watching them make up. Watching them defend each other, takes the treat factor to a whole other level.
            If you haven’t ‘treated’ yourself to this show-try it. Be warned, it’s a take-no-prisoners, no holds barred, violent tale but you’re sure to be drawn to this entire cast, vested in its story and, if nothing else, in love with two very different, very sexy, very passionate guys.

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