Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Writer's Wednesday - Marketing in 10 Seconds

Pink Heart Society columnist Jenna Kernan is talking about how to use videos for marketing your books...

Using Short Videos

 I’ve been experimenting with using video on social media. The results have been interesting. What have I tried so far?

  • Author Interview
  • Book Preview
  • Q&A
  • Meet Jenna Kernan
  • About with Jenna Kernan
  • Unboxing Author Copies
  • Unboxing Bookmarks
  • Books Spotted in the Wild
  • Author Reading Excerpt
  • Fun Footage of Walkabout Adventures
Boosting a few videos on Facebook has improved my reach and given me some interesting statistics. I learned that most folks watch for about 10 seconds, so I need to get my point in fast. Most folks prefer action videos, not talking heads. My most popular video was a 13-second celebration of my 25th release with over 3K views:

Another popular video was unboxing my new bookmarks for the APACHE PROTECTOR SERIES. This received 2500 views and 11 likes. Again, some action and message quickly.

The unboxing video of my September Western Historical, THE WARRIOR’S CAPTIVE BRIDE was not boosted. It received over 60 view on Facebook and more on my YouTube channel, plus I included it on my website in the Extras area for added content.

The About Jenna and Meet Jenna videos did well and allow me to have extra content on my website but are not as popular as the Q&A that I did for each book in my APACHE PROTECTOR series. These four videos got many views but, as mentioned, most folks only watched 10 to 12 seconds so going forward I would do one or two questions and keep such videos much shorter.

I find the book trailer videos do not do well and are a lot of time a trouble to get right. This might be partly because Facebook has algorithms to suppress things that look like adverting and include words like: Book Trailer, Giveaway, On Sale, Contest. To broaden the reach on such videos, I feel it is worth the money to boost.

I also like posting videos of my walkabouts and these seem to do well on Facebook with no boost. Keywords help. Here is an example, a statue that intrigued me in downtown Sedona.
I also have a YouTube channel and have uploaded these videos there.
So here’s the order of popularity for my efforts at video marketing.
  • 3105 views – Jenna Kernan Celebrating Book Release 25 (Boost)
  • 2533 views - Unboxing Bookmarks (Boost)
  • 1450 views - Q&A – Apache Protectors TRIBAL LAW (Boost)
  • 1067 views - Q&A – Apache Protectors SHADOW WOLF (Boost)
  • 0525 views – Q&A – Apache Protectors HUNTER MOON (no Boost)
  • 0139 views Meet Jenna Kernan (no Boost)
  • 0038 views Unboxing Author Copies (no Boost)
  • 0072 views Fun Footage of Walkabout Adventures (no Boost)
  • 0062 views Unboxing – THE WARRIOR’S CAPTIVE BRIDE (no Boost)
  • 0012 views Book Trailer – The Vampire’s Wolf (no Boost)
  • 0008 views Book Trailer – Wild West Christmas (no Boost)
I’d be curious to know what you’ve done with videos. Please share your experience in the comments.

Jenna's newest book, The Warrior's Captive Bride is out now:

His wife for two moons…? 

Plagued by a mysterious sickness, Crow warrior Night Storm captures the witch he believes cursed him. But his anticipated revenge dissolves when he realizes that beautiful Skylark might be the only one who can provide a cure…

Skylark agrees to pose as Night Storm's wife so she can find a way to heal him. But when an unexpected desire flares, Sky's mission changes and she'll do everything in her power to find a way to make their arrangement last a lifetime!

Jenna Kernan writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue, Western Historical fiction and paranormal romance for the Nocturne line. A Publisher's Weekly Bestseller, winner of the Book Buyers' Best award and two-time RITA nominee, Jenna is moving to Florida from New York. Her popular APACHE PROTECTOR series from Harlequin Intrigue concludes with NATIVE BORN (#4) June 2015.  Next up...THE WARRIOR'S CAPTIVE BRIDE, a Western Historical, September 2016.

Jenna is forming a new review team.  If you are interested in getting free pre-release copies of Jenna's latest visit her website to apply to Jenna's Review Team.

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  1. Hi Jenna! I enjoyed your post and it was great fun meeting you at WPA!!

    1. Wasn't that a great conference, Carol? It was so nice to meet you as well.