Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Talk Time: The "S" Word...

Today on The Pink Heart Society, author Taryn Leigh Taylor discusses the "S" word.

Things are intense right now, you guys. 

My next book is due in a couple of weeks, so it's writing crunch time. Coincidentally, this is just about the time the day job also starts to ramp up, in anticipation of university students returning to campus. Add to that the usual life stuff--family, bills, the daily commute...

All that to say is that is I have been operating at level STRESSED OUT. All capital letters.

And then I saw this:

And the gold medal for stress management goes to... #DEBOLT

It was an incredible moment. It was adorable. It was funny. And most notably, it was during the dang race! Top Olympic athletes sharing a moment of levity before they'd even crossed the finish line and officially punched their respective tickets to the 200m finals.

It really hit home, then, that I needed to remember to enjoy the journey because the journey is 98% of the process. I am notoriously bad for forgetting this in the moment, for berating myself for all the things I haven't done, or should've done, or still have to do.

These challenges show themselves in all aspects of my life. In things as big as writing a novel and things as small as making dinner. If I dread going to the grocery store, begrudge unpacking and washing the produce, bemoan the chopping and slicing and boiling and grilling required to make the recipe come to life, then how much can I really enjoy the first bite of the meal I worked so hard on?

Usain Bolt and Andre DeGrasse reminded me there's a difference between a semi-final and a final. There are moments to enjoy, and moments to buckle down. There was much more seriousness and focus the night they blazed their way to gold and silver medals, respectively, as there should have been.

But this moment, the one where they just got to be two guys who love to run, where they got to remember why they train so hard day after day, month after month, year after year? These are the moments that make life worthwhile.

And I plan to start valuing those moments a little more.

I'd love to hear your best tips and tricks for managing stress, because I'm not even close to making the podium for the stress reduction Olympics. Leave'em in the comments below!

Taryn Leigh Taylor's first novel, KISS AND MAKEUP, was shortlisted for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize.

If you'd like to learn more about Taryn or her novels, check out her website. If you'd like to connect, she can be found on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


  1. Great post, Taryn!! Sorry, but I'm glad you have a book deadline since it means you have another one coming out. Awesome news for us readers.

    I love to lose myself in a favorite movie or binge watch a favorite (or a new found treasure) tv show.

    1. Thanks Carol! That's an awesome suggestion. I love to lose myself in a world where the stress isn't mine! It's nice to escape.

  2. Te dejo mi blog de poesia por si quTe dejo mi blog de poesia por si quieres criticar gracias.
    Me gusta mucho el tuyo.