Monday, August 01, 2016

Male on Monday - Tattooed Men...

Pink Heart Society columnist Barb Han is talking about the most adorable new member of her family - a puppy!

It’s Male on Monday *squeals* and I’m talking tattoos.

First of all, I should say that I love tattoos on my fictional heroes. In life, not so much. Is that weird? Maybe it’s a case where the fantasy is better than the reality?

But I digress…

Let’s get to tattooed heroes and the men who wear ink so well. First up is—and you already know I have a celebrity crush on this guy—Johnny Depp*!

He has that whole bad boy archetype down, doesn’t he? And I love an interesting bad boy in fiction. And we all know bad boys like ink. Rumor has it that he turned one of his tattoos from Wynona Forever to Wino Forever after a relationship soured. His dedication to ink and drink might be unrivaled in Hollywood. LOL.

And speaking of bad boys with ink, I give you Colin Farell…and his Tribal art from Tahiti*. 

I don’t even know what all he has going on with that arm (I’m seeing a swordfish maybe?), but it sure looks sexy! And who else but Colin Farrell can get away with making a headband look that hot? Seriously!

And how about that tattoo on Justin Theroux’s back*? 

Jenn Aniston’s husband is bringing the ink (and the heat) to a place of magical wonder! His right shoulder is emblazoned with the tattoo of a dragon.

Pretty darn hot if you ask me.

But I’m not all about the ink in my fiction. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a clean-cut and I mean cut—would you check out those abs!—cowboy…or two…!!

You know me, I love a hot cowboy!

*Pictures courtesy of ©1999-2016 HOLLYWOOD.COM

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you like in your heroes. Tattoos…hot or not? How about those clean-cut cowboys? Love ’em or leave ’em?

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