Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Fun- Do Writing Breaks Really Exist?

Writing about what I do when I take time away from writing is always a rather difficult post for me to put together because as a writer I believe I’m ALWAYS writing. In one way or another I’m always wearing my author’s cap. By now, most folks know I’m BIG into movies- classic or contemporary, it doesn’t matter. I’m a pushover for good film-making. Most people also know how wild I am about good television. I’m always chiming in on Twitter, Facebook and lately Instagram about what show I’ve fallen in love with, what shows I’m missing, what shows I’m looking forward to seeing.

In addition to my movie and TV past times, I’m also a mom which means I’m a big fan of my kid. My son is a football fanatic so of course that means I’m a football mom. A large portion of my summer is spent chauffeuring to and from practices, but we also have a great time hanging out together. I’ve been very blessed to have a son that still loves to hang out with his mom. I’m doubly blessed in that he’s growing up to be a movie buff too! ;-)

Spending my time with books, movies, TV or my son are my favorite things in the world. While enjoying my favorite things though, I’m still wearing my writer’s cap. I guess you might wonder, how chauffeuring my son to and from football practice allows time for author work. Well I believe in making every moment count so once he’s headed off to practice, I don’t leave the field. Instead, I park the car, pull out the pads and pens and get to work. I’ve shared pics of my car/office which is where the bulk of my writing is done during football season.

As for books, movies and TV they do a lot to quiet my mind from the busy task of plotting stories and developing characters. Alas, they often stimulate my writer’s mind more than quiet it. Many times I’m introduced to a completely off the wall character in film or TV and my mind starts working. The more off the wall the on-screen character is, the more stoked I am into thinking of my own character and being motivated to reach waay outside the box to cultivate them into someone unforgettable.

Reading is something I can enjoy for hours and hours. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten into audio titles and that’s opened up a whole new way of enjoying books that I never thought I’d get into. Listening to a fabulous story being read by a talented narrator often gets me thinking of my own work, the words I use, how I structure sentences and what my dialogue would sound like being narrated.

All this brings me back to my original question. Do writing breaks really exist? I say, no. Not really. For me, the desire to write is a sweet past time all its own.

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  1. AlTonya- I know exactly what you mean. I am consstantly thinking of topics to write about during every waking moment. Movies and television are a pleasant way to give my mind much needed rest.