Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Writer's Wednesday: Passion is Everything.

Pink Heart Society regular, Joss Wood, is talking about her passion for writing!

Writing has always been my passion, my solace, my joy. It was the place I went to as a child when I didn’t understand the world around me, a world I could create which felt safe and where I felt understood. As a teenager, writing was my drug of choice. 

Over the years I’d heard about Shikara from my 13 year old daughter; a girl who liked to write. Because she wasn’t one of my daughter’s closest friends (she has a lot of friends and sometime its hard to keep up) I have to be honest and tell you that I didn’t pay too much attention.  

Well, I paid attention last night. 

Every year, my daughter’s school holds a Youth Leadership Course and part of the graduation process is a formal speech evening. The speeches blew me away. If this is the caliber of young people who are going to be charge of our country one day, sign me up. There were speeches about individuality, appreciation, hard work and time. About enlightenment and tolerance and self confidence. We’re okay, South Africa. These kids get it. 

Then Shikara stood up and said this…..

Five years ago, a young girl felt life was merely existence; she hadn’t found greatness within her being. She felt as if her years were just simply breathing and blinking, she saw talent possessed by her peers, talent possessed by her siblings- talent that she did not possess. But not long after she emerged from her young self and began to mature, her passion had found her;and she had finally found her true purpose.The girl began to write, allowing her to free her thoughts from the touch of a pen to the surface of paper. 

Thinking is something that you can never stop doing, even throughout sleep or relief. Words, for me are a fast flowing river of endless thoughts.

Ladies and gentlemen I am almost certain that for more than half of you words are simply a way of communication, understanding but they make the world the way it is- they give it colour. I hope that I can show you the much of that of the little they seem to you. 

My one desire for my future life is to create a world of nothing but words. To write out my heart’s content and have someone seek pleasure through what I’d created. I am willing to work a life’s worth of effort to reach my dreams which wait for me upon the silver stars, and I believe that that moment shall be the moment that I reach defined happiness.

‘The important thing is, no matter who says what, to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, for what you could become’ said Charles Dickens and I shall balance on that sentence for the rest of my life.
©S. Bharath. Reprinted with permission.

Shikara’s speech made me cry. It made me cry because this is what writing should feel like. When you step away from the deadlines and the contracts, the money and the rankings, this is what should remain. It is passion and joy, tasting words, smelling them, exploring their texture, their essence. It’s the passion felt when there is no pressure, no demands, just a compulsion to rid yourself of the phrases and sentences crowding your psyche. 

I get that. I get her

Passion is everything. 

Shikara is who I was too many decades ago. She is passion and purity. I hope that she never stops writing, that she never loses the desire to embrace the wild side. I hope she learns the craft, pushes through the self-doubt and perseveres despite the rejections. I hope she’s brave enough to share herself and the talent with the world.  If she is, I will be the first person standing in that long queue at her book signing. 

If you'd like to read Shikara's speech in its entirety, it's on my blog. Words Create The World

With love, 

My single title is out August 19th!


Best friends Kai, Sawyer, and Axl worked hard to make Caswallawn Security the booming success that it is. As for love, marriage, and commitment, those are way down on their priority list...

Kai Manning is unhappy that Caswallawn is making Mercy, Virginia, its permanent headquarters—he doesn’t understand this quaint, crazy town, and he doesn’t want to settle down, period. A rough childhood made him fiercely independent, and he’s determined to rely on nothing and no one. So the moment he lays eyes on Flick, he knows he’s in trouble...

Local baker Felicity “Flick” Sturgiss is not looking for a man. She’s done giving her all to relationships that give nothing back. But Kai is undeniably hot. He may look like bad news, but he’s not going to be in town for long, and she’s dealing with a lot right now—she deserves to have some fun.

When a family emergency calls Sawyer away, Kai must remain in Mercy to hold down the fort. Now, Kai and Flick’s plan for a quick fling falls to the wayside (just like their torn-off clothing), leaving them wondering if they can keep their hands—and their hearts—to themselves...

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