Sunday, July 03, 2016

Weekend Wildcard - Emotions Running High

Busy week this week  - I need to organise the cat-sitter, get my hair done, complete the work on my talk for the RNA conference. (I’m a little concerned because every time I ask the Conference
Organiser what she would like me to  give a talk on  she says ‘Well – I think we need something on Emotion’)

Is it something about me that makes her think of Emotion – the other thing she asks me to talk about is Conflict. So what does that say about me?

Or perhaps the truth is that it says something about my books. They’re filled with strong emotions –  conflicts that come between the hero and the heroine and that they have to work  to resolve in order to sort things out  things and move on to their Happy Ever After Ending.

To be honest, this past couple of weeks have  been filled with rather too much conflict and ill-feeling for me.  It’s seemed that every day some new  situation has erupted , rocking the balance of life, setting people at each other’s throats.  The referendum (  sometimes called the ‘neverendum’  ) was supposed to resolve things   but it seems to have done the opposite. No matter what the result, people are still unhappy, complaining, protesting.  The atmosphere has just been grim and ill-tempered.
To be honest, this sort of thing has been making me glad that I write what I write – and it really makes me see just what people love romance novels so much.  These books deal with situations that cause problems, difficulties that come between the hero and heroine,  and show them working their way through them towards a happy resolution.

It’s not just a ‘but I love you’ declaration followed by the response ‘Oh- that’s all right then’ – and the couple fall into each other’s’ arms and walk off into the sunset.

Would you believe in that?

No, neither would I?

It’s something that hits home to me each time I run a workshop on Emotion – or Conflict . It’s the thing I value most about romances – and yet somehow it’s the things that most people seem to mock at them for. For being ‘over-emotional’ and perhaps melodramatic.  But what I see when I’m reading is the way that a couple have to learn how to work with each other, change and adapt, compromise, in order to work towards that resolution where each of them is happy, where they can understand each other better, and can look forward to a future together. 

It makes me wish that more people read romances – and read them properly.  There is that message in the books that ‘Love conquers all’ but sometimes love has to be worked at – it isn’t all chocolate boxes and red roses and  fluttering  hearts. Sometimes those roses have thorns on them and  too many chocolates can make you ill.

I’ve been reading a lot  this last month – turning to romance authors to give me hope and some sense of positivity to build up against the negativity that seems to be everywhere right now. And I’ve loved  coming back to my own story – the book I’m writing right now, and even as I’m creating more problems, more conflict  for my hero and heroine I’m also laying down the foundations of the ways they will resolve those conflicts and set out on their new lives together at the end of the book.

There will be plenty of emotions along the way – but at the end the one real emotion that matters  is that  love that conquers all.

And at difficult times, ill-tempered times , times of upheaval,  I'm extra glad that  write these books that assert that important fact.

I'm currently working on a duet of books about two sisters so I'm having double the enjoyment creating double the conflict, double the emotion and double the resolution - with two happy endings to look forward to.

My next  romance to be published will be Indebted to Moreno which is out in October. I don;t have the UK cover yet but I can share the USA one with you. 

Also coming soon is a reprint of  A Throne For The Taking - which was originally published in  June 2013. This is reprinted in a 3 in 1 By Request - entitled Claiming His  Princess which is out in August.

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