Thursday, July 21, 2016

Time-Out Thursday - Hand-Painted Signs

We're delighted to welcome Harlequin Heartwarming author Amy Vastine to the Pink Heart Society as she talks about her passion for a very specific craft!

I love the Pink Heart Society blog and am thrilled to get to post here for today’s Time Out Thursday. 

What do I do when I am not sitting in front of my computer and trying to write? Well, I am also a mom of two teenagers and one preteen who love to keep me busy. When they aren’t out with their friends or hiding in their rooms, they want me to be the Mom Taxi.

It’s not my favorite thing. 

However, when I am not being the Mom Taxi or writing, I still like to tap into my creative side. I’ve started making hand-painted signs because I love the look of them but not the price. We have a family lake house in Wisconsin and I really wanted a cute Lake Rules sign. Here’s what I came up with: 

It’s not as hard as it might seem. You will need some supplies if you want to try. First, you need a canvas. I went to my local craft store and bought a pack of 12x18 canvas panels. I also bought a bunch of acrylic paints in my favorite colors and some paint brushes in different sizes. 

Here’s where it gets tricky … there are many different ways to get what you want to say on the canvas. 

Some people like stencils, some have fancy machines that can cut out the design on vinyl sheets, I prefer to keep it simple. 

I make my design on the computer and print it out using the poster method (where you have to print it on multiple sheets of paper) and taping it all together to make it one big sign. I bought some transfer paper which is like a sheet of carbon paper that you can get in a variety of colours. 

I paint my canvas a background color and after it dries, set my transfer paper down with my design on top. 

Now, this is the time consuming part. I trace the words and pictures and when I lift everything off, the outline of everything is on my canvas! The last step is to color in the letters with your color of choice with a paintbrush. It really is easier than it looks.

Feeling good about this one led me down the Pinterest rabbit hole and I pinned a ton of ideas. Now that I’ve done a couple, I’ve been considering if this could become another side business someday! What do you think? What’s your crafty passion? 

What's your crafty passion?  Join the discussion in the comments!

Amy's latest book, The Girl He Used to Love, is out now:

The past will always be between them

He swore he'd never return home. Then a flat tire lands Dean Presley back in Grass Lake, Tennessee, and he's forced to confront the woman he left behind. 

Faith Stratton was once the love of his life. Now her gifted brother could be the rising Nashville star Dean needs for his struggling music label. But it means taking Sawyer away from the horse therapy farm that Faith's so proud of. That won't be easy, especially since those old feelings that started all the trouble... Well, let's just say he can't go back there, because he doesn't want to relive the memories of the terrible accident that drove them apart. 

To find out more information about Amy Vastine and her writing, check out her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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