Thursday, July 07, 2016

Time Out Thursday - Binge-Watching TV Shows

Pink Heart Society editor, Ali Williams, is talking about binge-watching her favourite tv shows...

It's the era of Netflix.  Of Amazon Prime.  Of iTunes.  Of having as much tv as you like, at your fingertips, all the time.

For me, particularly, this is pretty handy.

I spend between four and five hours a day commuting to and from work, and I think I'd be lost without my iPad.  I read, I write and I watch television programmes.

At the moment, I'm working my way through the entirety of Bones.  

I always have some kind of mystery/crime drama on the go - before Bones, it was Castle, and I've lined up Perception for when I finish Bones.

There're the small town dramas, the ones which I'm quite happy to snuggle up with and find comforting:

Gilmore Girls

Hart of Dixie

The O.C.

One Upon a Time

And then there are the shows that I binge watch with others; my best friend and I have done Gavin and Stacey marathons on numerous occasions.

But at the moment I'm exploring a classic television series for the first time:  Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  My other half came home a couple of weeks ago with the complete series remastered for blu-ray, and we've got stuck in with gusto!  

There's something really comforting about curling up with someone on a sofa, and sharing a show like this.  He hasn't watched the series for years, and somehow, I managed to completely miss it, so it's like watching it anew for the both of us.

And when we finish, there's always Deep Space Nine and Voyager to line up to watch next...

What are your favourite television shows to binge-watch?  Who do you binge-watch with?  Join the debate in the comments!

Ali Williams grew up in Croydon and spent her teenage years in a convent girls’ school. She then fled to university where she discovered champagne cocktails, a capella singing and erotica.

These days she blogs about perceptions of romance as well as curating The CatRom Project, which looks at the way that social issues are addressed and engaged with in category romance.

Editor for the Pink Heart Society, guest blogger for Mills & Boon and Harper Impulse, and occasional columnist for For Books' Sake, she defies you to slam romance novels within her hearing!


  1. Gilmore Girls, for sure, even RadioMan likes that one! And we binge on West Wing and The Office every few months...Oh, and I've been binging on Reign lately, too...there are so many!

    1. Haha! I rematch the entirety of The West Wing every two years or so - it's my go to comfort watching! 😀 I know the UK's Office (ahem-the original-ahem) but I've never got round to the American version - is it worth it? We also did Sons of Anarchy and Peaky Blinders so Star Trek is surprisingly non-violent in comparison!