Monday, July 04, 2016

Male on Monday: A Model Chef

PHS Columnist and Harlequin Historical author Nicole Locke asks - What would you take the Model or the Chef? What if you could have both?

I love romance covers, heroes and food. So there’s no doubt I’m going to notice the latest internet sensation Franco Noriega, model turned chef.

If you haven’t noticed him, here’s some pictures. Yep. Difficult not to notice him.
But that had me curious. What other ab-displaying models are out there turning to the world of food? Is it possible, just possible, I can get romance, heroes and food together?

I investigated a few Titans of Romance Covers: Fabio, Nathan Kamp, and Francis J. Cura. No surprise that these men who make their living staying fit have some relationship with food, but exactly what is that relationship?
Fabio’s website is all about healthy eating and drinking. But, it’s difficult not to notice his I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! commercials.

Then there’s Nathan Kamp. For years every historical book I bought had a picture of him on it. My favourite is Tender is the Knight by Jackie Ivie where he’s looking over his shoulder and daring the reader to follow him.
Well follow him I have…and voila.  He has a website and show Live to Eat. It’s full of recipes that I can’t wait to try.

Now there’s Francis J. Cura. I can’t open my web browser without that man staring back at me. Is he doing anything with food? Yes, but he isn’t starting a restaurant or promoting healthy living or fresh food. In fact, he’s promoting: Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger.  He’s the…Hamblor.
So I’ve gone from Franco Noriega to the Hamblor, and I have no stand on this. Nope. I was merely curious, but this is where curiousity got me. Sitting here, exploring romance covers and food.  So I’ll take that curioiusity, and I’ll keep on using it. And I have to ask, does anyone know of other models turned chef?
-- Nicole :-)
Nicole's third book in the Lovers and Legends series, The Highland Laird's Bride, is out now! Here's an excerpt:
[This is taken from their marriage night. Though they were forced to wed, Bram is beginning to realise his feelings for her and asks for a kiss.]  
‘I can’t believe I’m saying any of this at all. Doona you want to kiss?’
Lioslath wanted to kiss him, but how was she to tell him that? She felt awkward asking about his family. How was she supposed to talk about kissing in a socially acceptable way? Was there a socially acceptable way to talk of kissing? Bram seemed to think so.
‘Your silence drives a hard bargain,’ Bram said, his voice breaking into a silence she didn’t know she created. ‘I’ve said what I like about you. Isn’t there anything about me you like?’
As if to show what he was talking about, he rested his hands on his hips. His legs were slightly apart, his face almost grim, the constant laughter still in his eyes. He stood as if for her inspection.
His hair was still that blazing red that wasn’t anything she’d ever seen before. So offensive when she first saw it, but now it fitted him and she couldn’t imagine another shade. His eyes were always reminding her of storms. From the broadness of his chest that tapered to a narrow waist, his body was without an ounce of give, just as formidable, just as forceful as his personality. And his legs looked...sturdy.
‘I can feel your eyes on me, lass,’ Bram said, his voice lowering a tone as if in warning.
‘You asked me if I find anything pleasing about you.’
‘Nothing came readily?’
He tilted his head back a little. A grimace, a wince before he released his hands from his hips and took a step away. ‘I deserved that, nae doubt.’
‘Doona move.’
He stopped as if surprised and looked over his shoulder.
She stood. ‘I’m still considering.’
Bram turned and held still. If possible, he held more still than before and there was no sense of humour in his eyes. Instead, his eyes were somewhat...heated. ‘This negotiation is becoming difficult.’
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  1. Francis J Cura is the hottest by far. He remains the king of the jungle ; )