Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Writer's Wednesday (Tara Taylor Quinn)

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I 'work' pretty much non-stop. I am generally in front of my computer (or Windows tablet from which I sometimes work) seven days a week. The tablet travels with me and I start every morning on it, even when I'm away from my desk. Recently, I've been doing a self-check. Am I consumed? A workaholic?

Perhaps. There's no real easy answer to that. Just in asking myself, I came up with several answers! And qualifiers.

And then I came to the truth. I am not a workaholic, because writing, while a career, is not just 'work'. My writing pays the bills. It supports me. But I wrote even before it did. I wrote when I was six years old. And fifteen. And twenty-two. And all points in between. I don't just write to get paid. I write because I am a writer. I write in my mind when I don't have a keyboard beneath my fingers.

I was given a talent. It came with me to this earth. I didn't choose it. I didn't decide to be a writer. I came that way. From the time I was little I had stories in my head. They entertain me when I'm doing other tasks. When I drive. When I ride. When I pull weeds or do laundry. It's exhausting sometimes, but it's also the greatest ride on earth.

And it's more than that. I was given the talent, not so I could enjoy the ride, but so that I'd do something with it. I was given the ability as a means for me to contribute something to this world in which I take up space. It's a really good thing I didn't realize that sooner or I'd never have started writing. I'd have been paralyzed with the fear of not saying the right thing. Or giving the right thing. Or using the talent in the right way. But instead, as a little girl, I just wrote. I learned from before I actually knew how to write, how to listen to the stories in my mind. How to 'watch' those 'movies'. I grew up putting those words on paper. Just because it felt natural. It was fun. I liked it. By the time I realized that I would do this for a career, I was already so trained to listen, I didn't even stop to ask myself what to write. It was just there.

And now, as I realize that this is what I have to contribute to the world, I know something else. It's not up to me to determine what the world needs to hear, it's up to me to listen to the voices inside me. To give them sound. And feel. To give them life.

And so I do. With the sure knowledge that: Writing is not what I do. It's who I am.

Yesterday, I had a fun moment in my 'writer's' life. I got a package in the mail with a frame-able little poster and lovely card from my editors to celebrate a very hard to believe book birthday (I'm a writer NOT a photographer!):

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