Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekend Wildcard: Working When You Can

kristina's summer view
Pink Heart Society Columnist Kristina Knight talks about writing in the middle of a hectic schedule.

We have become a swimming family. I'm not quite sure when it happened, but somewhere between living in land-locked Nebraska and moving to water-rific Ohio, we became swimmers. Oh, RadioMan and I always enjoyed playing around in the water, but bebe has taken that enjoyment to a whole new level: the swim team at our local YMCA.

This picture to the left? It's going to be my writing view for most of the summer as I spend at least two hours each day with bebe at practices and meets. I've already scoped out the best seat - optimal for viewing, far enough away that I can zone into my writing when she's not racing.

Last week, we got the final schedule for meet times, practices, and the rest of the summer schedule, so I took a little time to update my calendar. It's a little mind-blowing just how much time we'll be spending at the pool - the one at the Y and the one in our backyard - and as I was updating the calendar, I realized a couple of other things.

First, I can write while she swims. Those first moments of blocking out big stretches of time for her swimming, and figuring out my own writing schedule were scary. Then I realized I can write while she swims. I'm not sure why that was a mental block for a while, but it totally freaked me out that I was losing at least 3 hours of writing time with pool time. The truth is, she doesn't need me pacing the deck or watching every single minute...if I tune in during her races, she'll be happy.
these kicks are a great core workout

Second, I can work on my health while she swims for fun. Over the past year, I've made some decent health strides, but I've also been lazy about a few things. I need to cut the cord on my soda intake, among other things. One thing I've started is doing training/toning moves with her - like leg kicks off the side of my bed, push-ups, using those stretchy band things. It's so easy to get lost in writing, but I'm determined to take hold of my health this summer.

Third, I really, really love this part of being a writing mom. She is quite the fish, and, really, I don't mind it at all. Watching as she pushes herself to learn new strokes? It's a reminder to me to never stop learning new things - be those things writing related or...not. Seeing how much enjoyment she gets from the water, especially with so much of her water time regimented with perfecting strokes, improving endurance, and the rest is a reminder that even in the dregs of a fifteenth editing pass or another run at characterization or - sigh - yet another written synopsis, that I love what I do.

Kristina Knight's latest release, What the Heiress Wants, released May 23 from Crimson

Denver publishing heiress Miranda Clayton craves more from life than society parties and shopping sprees, but her tycoon father refuses to take her seriously. Her solution? Beat him at his own game by going to work for his top competitor, Connor Reeves, in Las Vegas.

Connor isn't fooled by Miranda's new plan for a second. He knows exactly who she is; what he doesn't know is why she's pulling him into her games. After their first meeting, Connor knows what he wants - Miranda in his bed! But the more he's around his new vice president, the more he wants something deeper than a short-term fling. The question is does the lady want Connor - or his business?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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You can find out more the book and Kristina on her website, and feel free to stalk follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


  1. I wouldn't want to give up any of my bleacher-mom-writer time. I hope you enjoy all yours.