Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Fun: Wild Swimming in Wales!

Heidi Rice talks about one of her favorite ways to refill the well... 

I'm someone who is always keen to go gallivanting particularly with my best mate from my college days, so when she told me a few months ago she was going to be dog-sitting for her step mum in North Wales for a week in June I invited myself along... As you do!

As usual I have loads of deadlines looming, not just for my second single title book, but also for a romance writing course I am currently developing with the online experts at The Professional Writing Academy. But the great thing about being a writer, is that once you have a laptop you can work anywhere. And sometimes a change of scene is just what you need to refresh the well of creative ideas.

I've been in Snowdonia since Sunday - after a rather mammoth nine hour bus journey from London - and I'm having a ball. The little house we're staying in is right on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park. And the weather has been incredible, more like the French Riviera than North Wales, frankly. But best of all is the walk we take each morning, through the local village then along the river to a lake called Llyn Dinas. The landscape is incredible, wild and ancient, the mountainous peaks dressed in splashes of ruddy pink from the rhododendron bushes, the track festooned with foxgloves and ferns. The water is cold, but not too cold as you dive in to cool off. Calming, tranquil and yet incredibly exhilarating at the same time, wild swimming is something I love. Which is probably why all sorts of scenes and dialogue exchanges crowd my mind as I walk back to start work for the day. There's nothing guaranteed to get you back into the other life of your characters than letting your own life and its stresses and strains float away.

I'll be back in the thick of it by Saturday evening, ready for the noise and bustle of London because I'll always be a city girl at heart. But every so often its wonderful to escape to the British countryside and refill the well...

Heidi Rice is a USA Today bestseller and three times RITA finalist. If you want more details of the Introduction to Hot Romance course she is currently developing with The Professional Writing Academy, you can register your interest on their website.

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