Saturday, June 11, 2016

Barbara Wallace's Second Act

Greeting fellow Pink Hearters! 

This spring, my son (and only child) graduated from college and moved to Georgia.  While the move is only temporary, it’s the first step in his permanent move from the nest, meaning my job as a full-time mother will be well and fully over. 

Time, therefore, for my second act.

When I talk about a second act, I’m not talking about finding some thing to do;  I can always fill my time.   I’m talking about becoming someone whose identity is based on being a mother. 

If you’ve had children, you know what I mean.  Motherhood isn’t a job.  For 18 to 21 years, motherhood consumes you.  No matter what career you might have, there is a part of you that never stops thinking about your child.  Is s/he doing his homework? Did s/he remember to bring his equipment to practice? How did s/he do on his chemistry exam? What did s/he do afterschool?  

At some point, however, your child no longer needs mothering.  What then? If you’re like my mother, you find yourself with a hole in your life that ends up filled with depression and loneliness.

I don’t want to be my mother.  It’s not fair to my family and it’s not fair to me.  I’ve decided to embrace the next twenty or thirty years and become a new person.  An older, wiser, more confident version of your twenty-something, childless self. (only with grandchildren she can eventually spoil).

So that’s my project for the summer.  I’m going to explore who and what I want to be, and because I control the content of my blog posts, I’m going to share the results of my explorations with you every month. 

Actually, I’m hoping you all will join me in the journey.  I’d love to see all of us embrace the latter half of our lives.  You don’t have to be an empty nester to reinvent yourself.  Sometimes you just need to be fed up with the status quo.

So what do you say?  Are you in?


To celebrate our Second Acts (and because it’s Saturday), here’s the recipe for my favorite White Wine Cocktail.


1 part White Wine (I prefer Barefoot's Riesling)
1 part Sprite
1 part Apple Juice
Frozen strawberries or grapes

Mix ingredients and chill.  Serve in wine glasses and add frozen fruit to keep cold.

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  1. Barbara, your post resonated with me. My youngest moved out 2 years ago and then moved across the country to Seattle a year ago. So I'm learning to embrace the empty nest!

  2. Lovely post. May this new chapter be all you seek.

  3. Wonderful post, and look forward to more. In the meantime, I will happily be making your cocktail. Thanks for sharing!