Sunday, May 01, 2016

Weekend Wildcard - And I'm Talking New Covers

Pink Heart Society columnist Barb Han is talking about how writing doesn't always command the respect it deserves...

Getting an e-mail with a link to a new book cover is like Christmas morning. There’s so much  anticipation leading up to the big reveal. Knowing the approximate date a cover should arrive in my Inbox has me hitting refresh more times than a day trader trying to sell a hot stock.

I wait. Refresh. And wait. Refresh.

Time drips by as my right index finger aches. Desperation creeps in and I worry that it’ll never show. My fears take over. Will my book be coverless and sad sitting all by itself on the shelf with no one to play with because it’s ‘different’ than the other books? *reaches for chocolate*

And then I tell myself to get a grip. There will be a cover and it will be fabulous! I stop checking and resolve to. Walk. Away.

Which, of course, is when it arrives and my reaction is something like…

Except without the bacon. :)

I open the e-mail with that same giddy anticipation of a child unwrapping that first present Christmas morning. My breath catches when I get the first glimpse, and it’s love at first sight!   

The Harlequin art department nails my covers. All. The. Time.

I mean, they’re even better than bacon! Seriously. And I love bacon.

I’d like to take credit for my covers turning out so spot on and fabulous. All Harlequin series authors fill out an Art Fact Sheet to help guide the art department. But it’s my editor’s vision and the art department’s creativity that shine through every time. They’re rock stars!

And they’ve done it again.

Here’s a first peek at my fresh-from-the-Inbox cover for my July 19th mass market release, STOCKYARD SNATCHING. This book kicks off a six-book miniseries set on a cattle ranch, Cattlemen Crime Club. And I LOVE this cover. The cattle. The setting sun. The cowboy. *drools*

In a word? Perfection!

For me, it’s Christmas in May.

I’d love to hear what you think of my new cover, or we could just talk about Christmas. Or bacon. I’m pretty much good with any of those topics…  

Barb's latest book, Texas Hunt, is out now:

She had a secret that could rock her hometown—and unleash a killer 

When Ryan Hunt receives a dead-of-night call for help from his childhood friend Lisa Moore, he knows the emergency is real. After barely surviving a brutal attack, Ryan is the only person Lisa trusts. Convinced the assault wasn’t random, he realizes she is hiding a dark and potentially deadly secret. 

Ryan can’t ignore Lisa’s silence any more than he can resist the Texas heat between them. He risks his life—and heart—to protect her. But if he can’t get Lisa to confide in him, the secret could bring the town of Mason Ridge to its knees. And destroy the only woman he has ever loved.

You can find out more about Barb Han's writing on her website and Goodreads. Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest for regular updates and pretty pics!

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