Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday Talk Time - Which Superhero would make a Super Hero?

Author Heidi Rice has been watching far too many superhero movies recently which got her to thinking... Which Super Hero would make the best romantic hero? Or heroine?

So they're superheroes... That's what it says on the tin. They're buff, alpha, invariably have traumatic backstories and let's not forget all those cool gadgets! But would they make super heroes? Or super heroines for that matter... 

Here's my little rundown of what I think some of these guys and gals bring to the table, romance-book-character wise, with a handy poll for everyone to vote for the super hero they'd most like to see in a romance novel. So are you Team Iron or Team America? Team Antman or Team Batman? It's a tough one, but someone's gotta decide.

Which Superhero is Your Super Hero?

 And just in case you haven't seen it... Check out Captain America: Civil War.

 IMHO the best Super Hero movie EVAH.

Heidi is currently prepping to go to RWA in San Diego, where she has been nominated for a RITA! Catch up with her on Twitter (@HeidiRomRice, her website, Facebook or Instagram.

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