Thursday, May 12, 2016

Time Out Thursday - Superhero Movies With My Favorite Guy

So it’s Thursday and I’m speaking on my favorite pastime outside of writing. I’ve mentioned often that I’m a movie lover. Days of creating drama, weaving passionate encounters and wreaking havoc in the lives of my characters are often shared with a good movie. From 40s Film Noir to 80s Action, movie-watching is a favorite indulgence. TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is high on a very short list of my go-to networks.

During the summer months, my movie loving gene goes into overdrive. What’s even better is that I get to enjoy my favorite pastime with my favorite guy. I’m sure folks get sick of me talking about what a blessed mom I am, but I am. So few parents get to say stuff like that and to be a parent who’s grateful for a strong relationship with her kid, is just something I’ve gotta own every chance I get.

The fact that I’m blessed enough to have a son who still wants to spend time with me is yet another reality to sound trumpets over. Maybe it’s because he shares my movie-loving gene, but we are two movie going fools especially during the summer. Of course, summer is the time for Superheroes and we’re usually in line on opening weekend for most of them.

In the early days of our movie going during Superhero summers, the outings were pretty low-key. My son was at an age where he didn’t care much for ‘all the talking’-as he put it. He didn’t think it had a place in the film. He was more interested in all the special effects and fight sequences. Now that he’s older, our movie going experiences have gotten richer. Talk about fun-dissecting movies with my teenage son. To see him look beyond all the flash and dazzle of costume and cinematography to character dynamics and storyline, it’s an amazing conversation to be part of.

I don’t think it hit me about how amazing this really was until this past weekend when we viewed “Captain America: Civil War”. I won’t unveil secrets here, but there are revelations in the storyline that made for some pretty interesting conversations between my son and I this weekend. There were things that occurred in the movie that we each processed differently. Take it from me parents, if you’re looking for inventive ways to spark conversation with your teen; about real life situations, start with a great film. Doesn’t have to be superhero related, but this medium is a superb springboard for the kinds of topics that you may want to dive into and just have no clue where to begin.

Now you may be thinking, ‘Wow, all this from a superhero movie?’ Trust me, it can happen. During our conversations, I can see my son grow in his ability to view his world more deeply and to be more confident about sharing and defending his opinions. All this and I get to enjoy my favorite pastime too.

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