Sunday, May 22, 2016

In My Spare Time (Tara Taylor Quinn)

The title makes me laugh. I feel like I haven't had 'spare' time in years. My fault. I can't seem to allow myself to do nothing. Unless, for some reason 'nothing' is accomplishing something. Like when I sit at a hospital bedside with my hands in my lap watching someone sleep. Well, even then...I'm watching the monitors like I'm a key component in the process. If I don't know what a line means, I ask. Ditto for the numbers. What do they tell us? What's normal? What's acceptable? What's dangerous? And, by the way, those lights little colored lights above the door that you were trying to figure out...I've been watching...they show which monitors in the room are plugged in.

Then there's the 'nothing' I do when I'm in the car. I had a four hour ride last Sunday. Looking at vast expanses of desert that I've seen countless times, out in the middle of nothing but vast expanses of desert. Not even a run down old store along the side of the road anywhere. A highlight is the occasional call box with a phone inside. (Do those things even still work? How often are they actually used? Can authorities, assuming they're reached, get out there in time to produce a good outcome? Wow. What if it was a woman who was driving by herself and had just gone into pre-mature labor? Or a wife who'd jumped out of her car because her husband had just hit her? What are the chances of a car accident would happen at that exact spot? Or someone running out of gas there?) In spite of all the questions that constantly barraged me on the trip, I still managed to do something while I sat there. I got an entire book plotted. About sisters. Nothing to do with a call box. Or the desert either, for that matter.

But...I do have times when I sit on the couch in front of the television. I'm a Netflix binge watcher. In my spare time. And while I sit there, binge watching, doing nothing, this happens:

I'm always cold. Always have been. And I love patchwork colors. I wanted a sweater coat that made me happy. So I designed one. And then made it. I started late last fall. And finished about a month ago. In my spare time.

The rest of the time, I'm working. I have a total of nine releases this year - two are novellas - and it just happens that May is a release month! (I know, do that math, what are the odds?) If you'd like to check out the eighth book in the critically acclaimed (THANK YOU ALI!) Where Secrets Are Safe Series, here you go: (It's already received some very nice unsolicited five star reviews!)

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