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Friday Fun: Men of Mercy Trilogy AKA Creating Mayhem.

Hey all, Joss here. 

I am neck deep in my second Men of Mercy novel for Intermix and I am so in love with my current book boyfriend, Axl Rhodes. This book,  already titled Undaunted is one of those books that is just writing myself and after months of not feeling creative, I am having an absolute blast. The words are bubbling forth and its taking all I have to keep up. 

I had the same experience with Inescapable, the first in the trilogy (Available in July 2016 from Intermix) where I introduce the readers to Mercy, as smallish town just outside of Washington DC where gossip is a national sport.  Sawyer, Kai and Axl are three best friends who own a security company called Caswallawn. They are all hard, tough and sexy ex-Special Ops soldiers and love and commitment are way down on their list of priorities. 

 Kai. Sigh.

Add about 10% more sexy and a 100% more danger and this could be Axl who is a real bad-ass. 

Sawyer. My apologies for the lack of abs. ;-)

Writing a trilogy has been the best fun and I’m not just talking about creating the main characters. I had so much fun thinking about the town, Flick’s bakery and the little eccentricities the characters have. In Inescapable, Rufus, Flick’s (my heroine) dog is a big part of the story, constantly around and always up to mischief. Rufus is a dog-pony, a 130 llb Newfoundland-Collie cross and as Flick describes him, he’s “a rogue, a chewer of shoes, an assaulter of the girl dogs in the neighborhood, and a digger-upper of flowerbeds, always newly planted. None of these traits endeared Flick to her new neighbors and she’d had several uncomfortable conversations with regard to his behavior. He hogged the bed and drank out of the toilet bowl and thought the sun rose and set with her.”

Isn't he gorgeous? I want one...

The fictional town of Mercy is also a character in itself. It’s gossip-central and the trilogy starts with the news that the town has set up an online forum. The forum was established to discuss local politics and to comment on issues affecting the town but it immediately becomes just another way for the good residents of Mercy to indulge in their favorite pastime…

 Each chapter starts with an excerpt from the forum…here’s an example.

SawyersFutureWife: Yeah, get well Ms. Sturgiss. And, ladies, for an early morning treat—something other than Flick’s muffins—get up early and watch Sawyer run the route along the river. It’s two for the price of one at the moment because one of his far-too-often absent partners is in town and is running with him. Holycrapadoodle! Smokin’ hot!

Mercy is one of those Hallmark movie towns; set in Virginia and close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has a river running through it, red brick buildings and Kai hates the fact that its so damn cute. He doesn’t do pretty or cute…in fact he hates Mercy with a vengeance and keeps his visits back to Headquarters as brief as he can. Until I make him have to stick around for a while….Haha, I love torturing my characters. 

Clarksville, one of the many towns that Mercy is based on. I think I could live there. 

So far my Men of Mercy trilogy have been such a joy to write about and I hope you fall in love with the characters, the town and its craziness. I have!

Happy reading!


Best friends Kai, Sawyer, and Axl worked hard to make Caswallawn Security the booming success that it is. As for love, marriage, and commitment, those are way down on their priority list...
Kai Manning is unhappy that Caswallawn is making Mercy, Virginia, its permanent headquarters—he doesn’t understand this quaint, crazy town, and he doesn’t want to settle down, period. A rough childhood made him fiercely independent, and he’s determined to rely on nothing and no one. So the moment he lays eyes on Flick, he knows he’s in trouble...

Local baker Felicity “Flick” Sturgiss is not looking for a man. She’s done giving her all to relationships that give nothing back. But Kai is undeniably hot. He may look like bad news, but he’s not going to be in town for long, and she’s dealing with a lot right now—she deserves to have some fun.

When a family emergency calls Sawyer away, Kai must remain in Mercy to hold down the fort. Now, Kai and Flick’s plan for a quick fling falls to the wayside (just like their torn-off clothing), leaving them wondering if they can keep their hands—and their hearts—to themselves...

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