Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Little Something for the Weekend- Quilting

Pink Heart Society editor, Ali Williams, has a new addiction - quilting!

Recently, my Gran had a fall, and to stop herself from going mad whilst being cooped up inside (she's a voracious walker and purveyor of shopping bargains), she started working on a patchwork quilt.

For as long as I can remember, she's had a beautiful patchwork quilt on the bed in the spare bedroom, but I'd never actually spoken to her properly about it, and I've definitely never seen her working on anything else like it.

So when I went round for the day, complete with some afternoon tea to keep the two of us amused, I was surprised to find her sitting and sewing.

I'm a big fan of anything creative, even if I can't do it myself, and so I begged her to show me how it's done!  She obliged and sat me down, showing me what she was doing.

She's a fan of hexagonal pieces, as opposed to squares or any other shape, and so she showed me how to make the individual patchwork pieces, and how to sew them together.

Then she told me all about how she did the first one, and how she wasn't any good at the backing, and so a friend of hers in Ireland had backed it for her.

Since then I've been hooked.

There's a little shop in Haywards Heath that sells sewing material, and I've been picking up all kinds of flowery scraps, curling up on the sofa and sewing away whilst watching tv.

I even took over the living room floor the other day, to the bemusement of my other half, and spread out all my own hexagons.  My plan for my first venture is a baby blanket for a first birthday and as nerdy as it sounds, I've been really enjoying designing it!

There's something very soothing and relaxing and sewing.  I used to do a lot of cross-stitch when I was at school - made numerous bookmarks and little framed quotes for friends and family - and I'd forgotten quite how enjoyable it can be.

And once I've finished this project, I'm considering working on a bedspread of my own next!

What new hobbies have you picked up recently?  And is there something that you enjoy doing that a grandparent first shared with you?  Join the discussion in the comments!

Ali Williams grew up in Croydon and spent her teenage years in a convent girls’ school. She then fled to university where she discovered champagne cocktails, a capella singing and erotica.

These days she blogs about perceptions of romance, chick lit and women in society and spends the rest of her time promoting #StrongRomanceHeroines on Twitter, and cracking on with her first novel, Breakfast in Tunford.

Editor for the Pink Heart Society, guest blogger for Mills & Boon and Harper Impulse, and occasional columnist for For Books' Sake, she defies you to slam romance novels within her hearing!

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