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Writer's Workspace - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Pink Heart Society columnist Jenna Kernan is talking about her usual workspace, and also those more unusual, moving workspaces!

Where do I write?  

Well, I mainly compose my drafts in my home office.  But I can write almost anywhere and I have written in a number of places.  

My husband takes an occasional shot of me at work and as I reviewed them for this post, I realize I often write in moving vehicles.  So, planes, trains and automobiles...I've written in each. 
Jenna Kernan at work in her home office
This is my normal cozy spot.  Behind me is a raven sculpture I picked up in Alaska, a watercolor painting of Mystic, CT by my mother and an oil by a Native American artist, Tony Abeyta.  I've got objects on my desk, but that's another post, I'm afraid.

Jenna Kernan writing on an Alpha Smart in a cabin in Alaska
Sometimes I don't have a reliable electricity supply.  In the photo above I'm in a cabin above the Arctic Circle in Alaska on a gold mining expedition.  No electricity and you are looking at the heat source to my left.  There are two metal detectors leaning on the wall to my right and out the window is the tundra.  Above my head are two photos from magazines of men being attacked by grizzly bears (my host has a sense of humor).  On this trip I left my laptop and cell phone at home and brought only my Alpha Smart.  It runs on two AA batteries, same as the detectors.  I wrote at night after a 12 hour day of mining.  It is night, around nine or ten PM, but as the sun never sets up there in July, you can't really tell. 

Jenna Kernan in the autotrain station in Lorton, FL
I like this photo because I have a stupid grin on my face as I am closing in on 'The End' of my first draft of Hunter Moon.  I also like it because I am in my own world as the real world goes on.  Behind me folks wait for their cars to be off loaded from the autotrain.

Jenna Kernan revising on a pool deck in Florida
I often employ headphones to listen to my drafts while editing.  I use a program called TextAloud and the two voices, Crystal or Mike, to read my words back to me.  This helps me catch mistakes I would otherwise miss.  My editor at Harlequin says that the manuscripts are cleaner since I began using this system.  This shot was taken when the sun was low and interfering with my seeing the screen so the umbrella is adjusted accordingly.

Jenna Kernan improvising a desk
I'm using my favorite traveling desk in this one.  As you can see, we are a little early to the airport but that never bothers me.  I always have a story waiting.

Jenna Kernan writing on the autotrain
This one is on the autotrain.  My husband took the photo from the door of our compartment.  The seat I'm sitting on will transform to his bed and I've got the top bunk.  There is something comforting about the rocking of a train. 

Jenna Kernan writing at night on a plane
This time I'm reading a draft on in the air on a Delta flight headed south.  I can pull up my work on my iPad using my Dropbox account and I'm the one the flight attendant has to tap and remind that it is time to put my electronics away.  If the photo looks a little odd, it is because I photo-shopped out my row mate who I don't know and who might not like to be in my blog post

Jenna Kernan writing in a hotel
Stationary at last and in a hotel room in New York in my favorite writing attire, a tee shirt, yoga pants and fuzzy socks.  This was a writers conference where the first session did not begin until ten AM, so I had a few hours in the morning to write.

I seem to be talking to myself again...
The writing doesn't always go well.  I can see by the rounding of my shoulders and my fist planted on my face that I may have been at this writing session a bit too long.  I don't look like a jolly elf as I work at my dining room table.  Perhaps I should be wrapping gifts.  

Working full-time and writing in the evenings and weekends can be a strain at deadline time.  But really, I'm blessed to have people waiting for my stories.

I have no shots of writing in the car for the simple reason that my husband is driving while I write and photography would be a problem. 

 So, there is a look at my writing space.  The space isn't as important as the time to write.

What are your top tips with working with editors?  Share your advice in the comments! 

Jenna's twenty-fifth book, Hunter Moon is the second book in her popular Apache Protector series for Harlequin Intrigue, and is out now:

Clay Cosen wants nothing more than to put his dark past behind him, but his work impounding free-roaming cattle is creating new enemies. Rancher Isabel Nosie has her own reasons to mistrust him. She loved him once, and she's never forgiven him for her fiancé's death—a death she thinks Clay could have prevented. When someone starts killing her cattle, though, she has no choice but to turn to the best tracker on the reservation. 

Soon, Izzie herself is in danger, and Clay's attempts to protect her and clear her name make him a target—and a suspect. Clay risks losing everything: the respect of his family and his tribe, and the woman he's never stopped loving.

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