Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Writer's Wednesday - Preventing Procrastination

Harlequin Desire author, Katherine Garbera is here at the Pink Heart Society today, to talk about how to prevent procrastination...

I’ve been writing for a long time and at first I was so thrilled that I could call myself a writer I didn’t have any problems with procrastination or writer’s block.  But after a while writing became more of a job.  There were things I had to do that weren’t just putting words on the page.  So I came up with a list of things that I do that helps me get out of my own way and just write. 

Here are my tips for you.

  1. Move your office outside.  This can be a very noisy choice so choose your spot carefully.  Then set up shop.  If you don't have a lap top computer or alpha smart then write on a pad of paper. 

    Why this works--moving outside broadens your thinking outside of the four walls of your office.  The sight, scent and feel of the outdoors are different too.  When you feel the sun on your skin, the breeze in your hair and listen to the sounds of crickets, birds and cars you remember to bring these details to the page.

  2. Go to a movie.  Pick something outside of your normal milieu.  If you love romantic comedies, then check out the latest thriller or sci-fi flick. 

    Why this works--seeing a movie that doesn’t have all of your favorite elements makes you more aware of story elements.  And sparks new ideas for the type of story you like to tell.

  3. Read.  It's something that we simply don't have time for any more now that we are pursuing a career in writing.  But taking the time to read really challenges the writer in us.

    Why this works--it's always easier to spot flaws in the writing when it's someone else.  But this is really helpful because you might read something that challenges you to become a better writer.  You might end up reading a book that is so good it makes you realize where you want to go as a writer.

  4. Socialize and Not Online.  Getting out of your writing cave and talking to other people provides a great spark. 

    Why this works--talking to other people gives you some ideas outside of the world of your own mind.  It's interesting to get other's take on current events or even just daily life.  **Try to do this with friends who aren't writers.

  5. Stop reading email and Get Off The Internet.  Email is a great tool for keeping in touch with people in other parts of the country and for keeping up to the minute on all the news and gossip in our industry. 

    Why this works--too much information is a bad thing too.  Sometimes it can cause you to lust after things that aren't important to you or harm your writing confidence.  Monitor your reactions to email and determine if reading on your loops makes you feel good or frustrated.  If you feel frustrated then stop reading them for a while.
What about you?  What do you do to keep writing?  Join in the discussion in the comments!

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