Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time-Out Thursday - Coloring!

We're delighted to welcome back Michele Hauf to the Pink Heart Society, as she talks about how coloring helps her relax!

Hey! Thanks for the invite to the blog. It's awesome to be here. So what do I do when not writing? Well, it seems lately that's about all I DO. I've been blessed recently to sign two new contracts with publishers, and that adds up to 9 books due by the end of 2017. Whew! I will be busy.

But when not writing I like to let my mind just…crash. Not think too hard. But still engage in something creative. You know what I'm addicted to? Coloring!

Yep, you heard that right. I've actually been a coloring book addict for over twenty years, and have been collecting coloring books that long. It's about time the rest of the world is finally getting on the band wagon and discovering the joys of coloring.

If you read a lot of articles online they'll tout the 'stress-relieving' benefits of coloring. But seriously? I get a little stressed out sometimes when I'm coloring. I worry about using the right color combinations. Coloring outside the lines. Coloring in those tiny little areas that would require 20/20 vision or better to see! Aggh!!!! 

Whew! You know what coloring does for me? It sends me back to that eight-year-old kid I once was. The one who used to love to scribble in coloring books with her crayons. And it also revisits the teenager who loved art class and at one time thought she'd become an artist for a living. Coloring honors that creative part of me that really needs attention from time to time. And by sitting down and spending an hour here and there just coloring inside the lines, I do honor that artist has always been with me and always will be with me.

How do you honor your inner artist? And if you've been ignoring her for years, can you think of a way to give her a hug and remind her that you still love and remember her?

In April, Michele’s latest release, Her Werewolf Hero, is out now:

Retrieve the purgatory heart… 

A "find and seize" mission that should have been easy for Retriever Bron Everhart. Except the werewolf had no idea the object would be inside a breathing, beautiful woman. Kizzy Lewis needed the heart to live. But others—even more desperate than Bron's employers—desired the heart at any cost. 

After just one touch, Bron knew he would do anything to protect Kizzy. The only way to truly save her was to journey into Purgatory itself. And for that, he had to hope he could return before she was lost to him forever.

To read more about Michele Hauf's books, stop by her website, follow her on Twitter and Facebook, as well as checking out her Pinterest and Tumblr.

Michele has a Facebook page dedicated to big kids obsessed with coloring: The Coloring Club! Find it here:  Also check out the Pinterest page:

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