Monday, April 25, 2016

Male on Monday - The Males Who Once Wore Mail...

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom's back at The Pink Heart Society, and is talking all about mail-wearing males...

QUESTION: What if Camelot was still around today – in the form of seven hot, immortal knights who have survived the centuries between then and now?

Wouldn’t you just love to meet those legendary men in our time, and see what the Round Table dudes are like (and if we could maybe find one? You know, in case we need saving?)

They’re called Blood Knights, or The Seven, for short.

No motorcycle gang . . . Far from it. These guys are the real deal. No more chain mail, but decked out in scrumptiously soft leather and shit-kicking boots. Their backs etched with sigils carved into them with the blood of all seven immortals in this brotherhood.
ANSWER: If you’d love this, then I have the book for you. “Immortal Redeemed.”

We get to meet the infamous Galahad . . . son of Lancelot . . . now going by the name of Kellan Ladd, as he heads to Seattle, Washington (lucky Seattle!) on a new quest, and riding a custom Harley instead of a fiery steed.

Got that image in your mind? Heck, yeah. I know you see it!

I was lucky enough to meet Kellan (his real name is secretive) and chronicle the details of his Seattle quest. Amazing stuff. Super-charged with tension as Kellan meets vampires, a werewolf or two, a Hell hound hunter, and of course (sorry ladies) the only woman who might either aid his quest, or stunt it.

You just might want to be ex-cop McKenna Randall, and able to turn Kellan’s head. Because once his focus is on you . . . you are the one.

(Be still, my heart).

Check out my images for the sexiest immortal ever, and see if you agree with the description the woman he meets in Seattle gives when she first sees him:

He was a good-looking bastard for sure, from his cropped auburn mane to his boots. Everything in between seemed to have been molded to perfection by someone paying strict attention to detail. The fitted leather getup he wore enhanced his superior shape and smelled sinfully earthy. 

She paid attention to the way he moved, and found him graceful and in complete control of the black custom Harley. With all his muscle and sinew, the guy was like a panther in motion. But he was too tall, too handsome and way too male.

Definitely not too male for us on this fine Monday, I’m thinking. Am I right?

Don’t you just want to dig into all that hunky, knightly goodness, and see what lies beneath the black leather? Run your fingers through his hair? Trace his tats with your tongue?

Well, you are not alone, my friends. We’re in this together, you and me. (Okay, and McKenna Randall, too).

Meet unforgettable, unbelievable sexy Kellan Ladd: Blood Knight, defender of the weak, one-time guardian of the Holy Grail, super-hunky vigilante still adhering to the Round Table credo of fighting for right, with might.

Who doesn’t love a hero like that?

Well. So. Thanks for joining me here today. Do let me know what you think about Kellan’s then and now images. Try not to drool on your computer or tablet screen.  As always, let us know in the comments!

Find Kellan in Linda's latest book - Immortal Redeemed - available now:

Only one woman holds the key to ending a Blood Knight's eternal life… 

Immortal Kellan Ladd has spent centuries looking for the one woman who can put an end to his immortality. Butthat woman has no idea of her monumental task. Or how much this rebel knight's attraction to her will complicate his mission. 

The leather-clad, Harley-riding stranger was the sexiest man McKenna Randall had ever met. From the minute they touched, she knew they were connected. Now she's about to find out just how tightly bound they are when they must go head-to-head with a nest of deadly vampires…

If you wish to read more about Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, check out her website and follow her on Facebook.

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