Monday, April 11, 2016

Male on Monday: For Your Consideration

David Fumero

When I needed visual inspiration for Nico Amatucci, my sexy vintner from Saved by the CEO, I knew exactly who to cast.  David Fumero is a Cuban-American model/actor best known for his work as Christian Vega on the soap opera, One Life to Live.  I rediscovered him last summer when he was cast as the morally ambiguous US attorney, Mike Sandoval on Power.  (One of my all time guilty favorites featuring another sexy man, Omari Hardwick.  But I digress...)

What I like about David is that he has actually grown sexier with age.  He's handsome without being too pretty.  He looks good in a suit (as well as out), and he's got an edge that says he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

That described Nico to a T.  Nico Amatucci is a hands on millionaire, who isn't afraid to kneel in the dirt or work on the assembly line.  I don't know about you, but a man who chooses to get a little sweaty from handwork is definitely a winner in my list.

By the way, in real life, David is married to Melissa Fumero of Brooklyn 99.  Sexy and into commitment?  I'm in.

Therefore, for consideration as your future inspiration, I give you a few additional shots of David at work. Oh, and check out Power on Starz TV this July.

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Her knight next door!   

After a horribly public divorce, Louisa Harrison has escaped to Tuscany craving peace and quiet. But gorgeous local tycoon Nico Amatucci sends her heart into overdrive…especially when he kisses her! 
Nico comes to Louisa's rescue when their romance makes headlines, but Louisa's determined to prove she's no damsel in distress! Being in Nico's arms makes her feel stronger than she's ever felt before, but is she brave enough to entrust him with her just-healed heart?

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