Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Fun - Titles We Hate To Love

Why oh why do we do it? Why do we romance readers - women  of intelligence, of discernment, of heart - fall for the hokey to the point of making it clichĂ©?
Tara Taylor Quinn

Go to any romance conference, slip into the bar, sit for a while, and you're likely to encounter a group of authors sitting in a cluster, having had a couple of drinks, and erupting into laughter. One will call out a few words, the laughter grows. The more drinks they've had, the more ludicrous the few words will become. The more everyone laughs. You might think, from your observation point, that this is one conversation that is worthy of going into history. The laughter is so genuine. So fresh.

It might interest you, at this point, to know that it is the exact same conversation, had countless times, in countless bars, at countless conferences, by countless authors. Same words even. And if you were close enough to join in, you, as a romance reader, would probably be able to contribute the most.

(Follow me over here to these empty seats in ttq's Pub. You'll notice in my pub, if you scroll down, there is a comment section just for you. That's how you contribute to this conversation. I'll start.)

"Oh. My. Gosh. I just got the title for my November Heartwarming release." I'm cringing. "Her Soldier's Baby!"

It's okay to groan. I'm laughing and shaking my head. My author friends are commiserating and snickering. "At least it's not "The Cowboy's Secret Baby!" I lift my glass - an unoaked chardonnay - in a toast.

"Or..." (Your turn...)

A Classic from the 90's
The thing is, while I hate "Her Soldier's Baby" and find it, frankly, embarrassing, I also love it. For two distinct reasons. First off, it's a title that will sell well. It's got 'the words' in it. And second, though I hate to admit it, it's a title I'd pick up if I were in the romance section. How sexy is it for her to have her own soldier? Yeah, I want that. And...ohhhhhh...he has a...baaabby. Now, not only are my nether regions calling out to me, but my heartstrings are vibrating like crazy, too. Yep, I'll have that one. Which just tells the publisher that the title worked and now we're going to have more like them.

See...we do it to ourselves. We buy the titles. And we go for those smarmy covers, too. We might buy leather binders for them so no one else sees them. Or read them on our Kindles. We might make fun of them. Be embarrassed by them. But we BUY them. And more than that - we LOVE them!
Another classic!

So, as of today, and completely stone cold sober, I'm willing to own my condition. Here I go:

I am a non-recovering romance addict. I admit it. I accept it. And I have no intention of every doing anything to change it.

There. I feel better.

Now...I'm straightening up here to share with you a cover that I truly LOVE! And a title that I don't find embarrassing...

My May Superromance release, about a man who's being investigated because there are signs that his four year old son is being abused. It's not a funny story. But it's a gripping one.

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  1. Titles are definitely fodder for bar conversation, are they not? I've liked most of mine--finally--but there have been a few stinkers in the mix. (The Debutante's Second Chance, anyone?)