Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Fun - Spankilicious!

Bella Francis, one of the #3Amigas, is talking to the Pink Heart Society about heroes and tropes...


I'm serious! It's a perfectly appropriate topic of conversation for romance readers and writers. It might not quite be everybody's way to spend a half hour but you've got to admit that since Fifty Shades we've gotten a whole more liberated about it. 

The psychology behind why some people will and some people won't, and some people will even though they pretend they won't is absolutely fascinating. I read recently that experiences in early childhood can have a huge impact on this type of behaviour forming - being chastised is a way of making sense of an intense emotion and linking the punishment with pleasure can be how a young mind files it away for the future. 

Whatever the source, the pleasure is all tied up in the relationship. Could you spot a spankee or a spanker at fifty paces? We don't have a clue what sorts of things people get up to. And I have to confess that when I started writing the romance of Marco and Stacey I had no idea WHATSOEVER that this pair would take their rekindled teenage romance in this direction. Honestly, they were having a really hot kiss one moment and he was instructing her to bend over the next. Took me totally by surprise. And her!

But you see, she trusts him. Implicitly. She trusts him to open herself up to this kind of sensual pleasure. She trusts him and it's with that knowledge that she can explore herself a little more deeply. Isn't that what love is about at the end of the day? Self-knowledge is a wonderful thing. And imagine what a lovely surprise it must be to find out you're a spankee! All those cute new outfits and accessories :)

As I write, I'm almost finished this book, second of a duet for Harlequin Presents and due out, with the story of Dante and Sophie early next year. I've left Stacey draped over Marco's shoulder - John Wayne style - in the penultimate chapter. 

 I'll admit I'm slightly nervous to see how this scene goes. But hopefully, dear reader, it'll make it past the censors aka the lovely editorial team at Harlequin Mills and Boon. 

If you're any in doubt there's precedence! Amazing writers like Jane Porter (in The Italian's Virgin Princessand Jennifer Hayward (in Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy) have already spanked for Harlequin Presents. So to speak.  I'm sure those ladies would agree - It's all about the love - as ever. Bottoms up!

Are you a fan of spanking in your romances?  Join the discussion in the comments!

Bella's latest book, The Playboy of Argentina, is out now:

Hot Nights In Buenos Aires! 

Polo-playing legend Rocco Hermida once blazed through Francesca Ryan’s life like a hurricane, leaving behind a trail of emotional devastation and unfulfilled desire. Meeting him again, Frankie’s horrified to discover that the passion Rocco ignited is still simmering… and one scorching kiss drives it to boiling point!

Rocco has always seen Frankie as unfinished business, so a brief fling at his luxurious Argentinian villa seems the perfect solution! Seduction is easy for Rocco – but then one night with Frankie isn’t enough…

Can he risk letting her in on the dark secrets he hides – his toughest challenge yet?

Bella lives in Scotland with her family. To find out more you can follow her on Facebookand Twitter.


  1. I did write a spank scene, Bella, and boy did it generate discussion over at eHarlequin at one time. I don't know that I'd write something like that again....but you are young and brave!! ;) Can't wait to read your new book.

  2. Hey Jane I am definitely checking out that scene. Bet you had no option though. They're either into it or they're not! Thanks for popping by! X

  3. I loved writing this spanking scene Bella! It was subtle and I left a lot up to the reader's imagination, but in the dynamic of 'sensual retribution' I think it works well. I think it's all about context really. It has to be clear both characters find it a turn on. Just my opinion :) Fun piece thanks!