Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Writer's Wednesday: You Can't Sit for Hours

Today on the Pink Heart Society, author Candace Shaw shares her personal tips on how to minimize health issues that authors could face from sitting for long periods of time.
As authors our profession requires us to sit at a computer for countless hours while we write our next masterpiece. However, sitting for long hours isn’t good for our health for it can cause issues such as poor circulation, heart disease and obesity. I can honestly say I’m guilty of sitting for three to five hours straight without moving and now that I’m aware of the risks, I’ve taken precautions that will hopefully lessen my chances of health issues down the road.
Sitting Correctly
I have to admit since I do most of my writing on my laptop I tend to sit with it on the couch, on the floor and of course in my lap! However, my feet are usually curled under me or I’m sitting criss-cross and leaning over the computer. This was causing knee pain and stopping my circulation. Now I sit straight up in my chair and I avoid crossing my legs and my feet. Refer to the diagram for the correct way to sit at the computer.
Taking Breaks
To avoid sitting for hours on end and to keep me focused, I use a program called Freedom. It shuts down my internet completely for up to eight hours because I have a tendency to read gossip blogs. However, I was setting Freedom for three to four hours at time. While my word count would definitely increase, I wasn’t moving until the timer went off. Now I set it for 60 no more than 90 minutes. When it goes off I stretch, do yoga, workout, walk the dog, or do something active to get my circulation going. Also, walking away from the computer will give your eyes a rest from the bright screen. While working, I try to look away every 20 or 30 minutes and focus on something else for a minute or so.

Okay, I have to admit standing up and writing is my least favorite thing to do. However, the benefits down the road are more important than my discomfort. Standing lessens my chances of heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Invest in a sit-standing desk where you can raise the desk accordingly. Alternate hours. Perhaps one hour sit followed by a moving break and then when you return, stand for the next hour. If you don’t have such a desk you can use perhaps a kitchen island or counter that’s high enough so you’re not leaning over the computer.
What precautions have you taken in preventing health issues of being seated for hours at a time? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. This is a great article. Thanks for all the tips. I've had a numb arm for a couple of months caused by spending too long hunched over my laptop. I've recently invested in a separate keyboard to try help.
    The one thing I do to make sure I move is 30 second bursts of activity every so often where I run on the spot as fast as I can or do twists or jumps. Anything to get the blood (and ideas) flowing.

  2. Hi Elisabeth! Sorry about your arm.Hopefully the keyboard will help. I like the idea of the thirty seconds of activity. I need to add that to my regiment.