Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Talk-Time - At the Heart of Harlequin

We're delighted to welcome our new Pink Heart Society columnist Tara Taylor Quinn as she talks about what's at the heart of Harlequin...

I’ve been in this business, full time, for a long time. I am a writer. Writing is my life. Romance writing is my career. Over the years I’ve amassed a wealth of information about the industry. 

I served eight years on the board of the Romance Writers of America. I was President of the organization. I dealt with lawyers in the industry, publishing CEO’s, worked on copyright issues, helped make decisions that shaped our industry. But my biggest takeaway from all the inside scoop…the one thing I love about most about the business aspect of my career…is that I work for a publisher with integrity. 

Harlequin Books is a business. It has a bottom line that drives decisions. But it is made up of people who really care about putting good out into the world. Not just good writing – though that is definitely paramount – but good karma. 

They care about the message. 

Many many of Harlequin’s employees have dedicated their careers, and a good part of their lives, to the message of hope and lasting love, that these books embody. They are people who stand by their word. They make business decisions. They can’t give everyone everything they want. Who can? But they do what they say they are going to do. I’m not at liberty to disclose particular instances where I have seen proof of this, time and time again. But I know them. I’ve experienced them first hand. Many times. Over many years. By and large, the people who make up Harlequin Books, live lives that exemplify the message in the books they produce.

This past summer I had an opportunity to have a one on one, private conversation with one of Harlequin’s highest executives. We were talking about the higher purpose of our books. The ultimate task we face, and the reason we do what we do – to offer a message of hope to the world. I wish every single one of Harlequin’s readers could have been there. Could have seen the look in her eyes as she spoke about the books she publishes. This is a woman who has been with Harlequin for a long time. She is a major force in driving the company. And she’s not just working. She truly cares.

On a surface level, Harlequin books are pure entertainment. But to so many, they are so much more. 

They are sometimes a lifeline. A lesson. A helpmate. Strength in critical moments. Escape that allows that moment to breathe so we can go back and face life’s challenges. They are a goal setter. A comfort. An example. In a world where so much feels hopeless, they are pure hope. 

No matter what the genre, from clean to racy, from fanciful to hard hitting suspense, these books all have one thing in common. Every single one of them ends in an uplifting way. Because in the end, love is real. And it IS the strongest, most enduring entity of all.

Tara Taylor Quinn's latest book, Love By Association, is out now:

Love isn’t part of the job…

A tough-as-nails cop, Chantel Harris faces whatever life throws at her, and then some. As part of Santa Raquel’s High Risk team — created by the town's women’s shelter, The Lemonade Stand — she goes undercover to expose one of the community’s elite as an abuser.

Looking the part is easy, but gaining acceptance into upper society circles is a different matter. That’s where gorgeous and successful lawyer Colin Fairbanks comes in. But Colin is so much more than Chantel could have dreamed. Wanting him is dangerous. Falling for him could ruin everything…

You can read an excerpt at here.

To find out more about Tara and her books, you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

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