Thursday, March 31, 2016

Time Out Thursday - The Other Things That Move Me

This Monday at The Pink Heart Society, Harlequin Historical author, Georgie Lee, talks to us about the things in her life, other than writing, that she's passionate about! 

When I’m not writing, I can be found doing a variety of different things. Some of these activities feed into my writing while others have nothing to do with writing at all. One of the things I love to do is read non-fiction history. While this does help my writing, it’s something that I’ve been doing since I was a teenager. I first found the non-fiction history section of the library when I was in junior high. It started with reading Greek myths and then moved into what was my first great historical passion, ancient Egypt.

At one time, I read anything I could get my hands on about ancient Egypt, especially about its mythology. While ancient Egyptian stories aren’t as numerous as Greek myths, the struggles between their gods captivated me. It led me to read more about life in ancient Egypt which, thanks to archaeology, is an ever expanding subject. Some of it also remains quite an enigma. Despite the wealth of knowledge gleaned from tombs and burials, there are still large gaps in what is known about the day to day lives of average people. While my passion for ancient Egypt waned with time, I’ve never forgotten it or the joy of losing myself in a good book about it. 

At one point, about twelve years ago, I even took a class in how to speak ancient Egyptian and how to read hieroglyphs. Sadly, I have forgotten most of what I learned. Other historical periods that I love to research include almost any aspect of British history, ancient Rome, American history and medical history. I currently teach two online classes in medical history before 1840 for different Romance Writers of America chapters.

Another activity I enjoy when not writing is making gift baskets. I have a number of friends, neighbors and family who belong to different charitable organizations. These organizations often hold silent auctions and I love to come up with something creative to donate. 

Most of my baskets are tea and book themed so during the year, I keep my eye out for unusual or unique teapots to include in the baskets. My favorite teapot was a white elephant one, which you can see in the picture, and I considered keeping it but didn’t. I enjoy shopping for items, and while I usually have a theme already in mind, sometimes a purchase will inspire a new one. 

I’ve done movie night baskets, a fantasy books and movie basket, health baskets with workout DVDs, spa baskets, and a classic film and photograph basket. You can see pictures of most of these baskets on my blog at 

Creating gift baskets is not only a great way to be creative but it’s also a fun way for me to give to others and to worthy causes.

I hope you enjoyed my basket ideas and are inspired to make one of your own for a gift or a good cause. I also hope my love for history encourages you to check out a book or two on your favorite time period or to indulge in whatever passion inspires you.

Georgie's latest Regency romance, A Too Convenient Marriage, is out on October 1st:

A secret carried down the aisle! 

Late one night, Susanna Lambert, the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Rockland, bursts uninvited into a stranger's carriage, turning both their worlds upside down. Suddenly, fun-loving Justin Connor finds himself forced to consider marriage! 

For Susanna, marrying Justin is a chance to finally escape her cruel stepmother and forget about the rake who ruined her. But as wedding bells begin to chime, Susanna discovers she's carrying a huge secret…one that could turn to dust all promises of happiness as Justin's wife!

To find out more about Georgie Lee's books, you can visit her website and follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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