Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Harlequin Glass ~ Jeannie Watt

Like many Harlequin authors, before I was published by Harlequin, I was a voracious reader of many of their series.When I first started reading Harlequins, while in college, I loved them because I could read one in three hours. My typical day consisted of classes, studying, a two-hour gymnastic practice, dinner on the run and then three hours at my job at the local theater. During that job, if I didn’t need to study, I could read a Harlequin Romance, or Presents (the only two lines in existence at the time), get right to the denouement, then rush back to the dorm to finish the book and hope that my roommates didn’t have anything going on, because I really, really needed to find out how my current hero and heroine got together.

When I went to work in a pretty-much all male field—underground mining—I took Harlequins to work in my lunch bucket and read them during the down times. I had an opaque plastic book cover to protect the books from splashing water (it was wet down there) and mud. When one of my coworkers asked what I was reading, I always said, “Call of the Wild”. The coworker always said, “Oh,” and the conversation around me would drift on. I knew if I gave the real titles, they’d ask what the story was about and I would lose valuable reading time. Call of the Wild totally shut down that option and my reading time was my own.

When my kids were little, other Harlequin lines appeared—American, Superromance, Intrigue, Intimate Moments, Special Editions. I was in Harlequin heaven. I also started seriously thinking about writing a Harlequin.  I loved to write. I loved to read…perfect. Except that writing had a huge learning curve as I tried to figure out pacing and characterization, etc. What could I do but read, read, read in order to figure those things out?

I signed up for the book club and, in addition to getting four books a month, I got a pink wine glass. I collected a set of eight, I believe, before the reader gift changed. I loved my glasses and now I have but one. I still use it because it reminds me of working so hard to become a Harlequin author.

My first Harlequin American, which is also my twenty-first Harlequin book ,was published this month. I toasted the achievement with my pink Harlequin wine glass. It seemed appropriate.

Jeannie Watt lives in rural Nevada and writes fast-paced, character driven stories set in the western United States.   To find out more about Jeannie and her books, please visit her website or her Facebook page.


Rodeo star Grady Owen has a new challenge. No-nonsense Alexa Benjamin is tougher than any bull he's ever faced…but she sure is a whole lot prettier! Not that Grady has time for much between caring for his twin nieces, rebuilding his family's farm and training. Trouble is, the more he tangles with Lex, the more he wants to win her heart. 

Lex is drawn to Grady…in spite of herself. But ever since her bullfighter father died in the ring, she's determined to never need anyone again. She's afraid, and Grady is all about facing fear head-on. Taking a chance on this bull rider is unthinkable…but so is the idea of letting him walk away!
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  1. My first Harlequin was my fourth book--receiving that particular call is still a precious memory. Good luck with your new imprint!

    1. Thank you, Liz. I totally agree--the Harlequin call is something special.

  2. I love your stories, Jeannie :) Think I now have rad every single one of them! Keep on writing.