Monday, March 28, 2016

Male on Monday - Finding Inspiration

Amy Ruttan is visiting the Pink Heart Society today and talking about finding inspiration for those hunky heroes of hers...

I love coming to the Pink Heart Society. And I’m really excited to be participating in Male on Monday.

When I start a new book one of the first things I do is a Pinterest board. I’m a very visual person and when I’m writing I cast a movie in my head of actors and actresses that I would have play the part of my characters.

I think this stems from my love of movies. I actually pictured Hagrid from Harry Potter as Robbie Coltrane before he was cast. I heard J.K Rowling did the same too.

I used to do up visual boards and print out pictures before Pinterest. Pinterest has saved a lot of trees for me.

Today I thought I would share pictures of how I envisioned my two Ralston brothers Carson and Luke from the Sealed by a Valentine’s Kiss miniseries.

Dr. Carson Ralston is the youngest brother and featured in book 1 His Shock Valentine’s Proposal.

Dr. Luke Ralston is the elder brother and his story is in Craving Her Ex-Army Doc.

When I pictured Carson I immediately saw John Krasinski from The Office. I loved Jim and when Carson’s character started forming in my head I just saw John. It was instantaneous for me. The hair, the quirky smile and his good looks.

Carson’s trope is a hometown hottie. He loves his small town. He wants a family, but his heart is broken and he needs the right woman to help him find love again. And I love writing the perfect heroine who convince these type of heroes to open up once more.

His brother Luke is a bit opposite. Luke is rough. A mountain man and I pictured him as Jamie Dornan, but not Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey …no when he was the Sheriff from Once Upon a Time. I loved him as the rough Huntsman in season one.

Luke Ralston is also a tropey kind of hero. He’s an Army Doc, or former Army Doc. He’s a soldier trope. He’s seen a lot of violence and that’s made him jaded and guarded. Definitely swoon worthy. He’s willing to put his life on the line for those he cares for. He’s extremely loyal and trustworthy.

And who is more trustworthy than a hero that would risk his own life to save yours and know how to survive up on the mountains? He’s Montana’s version of Jack T. Colton from Romancing the Stone …except he’s not a smuggler, there’s no stone or great scene of him arriving at the end on a boat.

Instead he shows up at a Valentine’s gala, in a well tailored suit, which is complete torture for him by the way, just to sweep his heroine off her feet.

Both of my heroes do sweep their respective heroines off their feet, but my heroines are not swooning too hard. They know how to hold their own, which is something else that attracts these brothers to these women. They’re strong, smart and independent.

And most of my heroes go for that type of woman. You have to be a strong woman to take down an Alpha male in a romance novel.

Where do you find inspiration for romantic heroes?  Join the debate in the comments...

Amy's latest book, Craving Her Ex-Army Doc, is out now:

Flirting with danger… 

Having sworn off love when his wife left him for his best friend, ex-army doc Luke Ralston revels in his lone wolf existence. Until the arrival of beautiful doctor Sarah Ledet tempts him to reconsider his stance on romance. 

Sexy Luke is the last kind of distraction Sarah needs as she starts over, determined to prove herself once and for all. But when an avalanche traps them together, and body heat is the only way to survive, suddenly all bets are off!

You can find out more about Amy Ruttan at her website or follow her on Twitter.


  1. These both sound like such fun books and swoon worthy heroes!

  2. They were super fun to write! :) I love Alpha heroes.