Sunday, March 06, 2016

Happy Mom's Day!

It’s Mothering Sunday in the UK, not here is South Africa, so I’m wishing all the Mom’s out there a happy day. 

Isn’t parenting the craziest, hardest most wonderful experience…ever? It’s a tough and rewarding, heartbreaking and healing, laughter inducing ride. I have two kids, a fifteen year old son Rourke and an almost 13 year old daughter. I’m  loving these teenage years, so enjoying the people my kids are becoming. They can be funny and aggravating and annoying and stunning—sometimes all in the space of ten minutes—but they are awesome, and I know that your children are too. 

When I write, I do think about the type of person I am portraying and what my kids will think if they read this book one day. My hero’s, no matter how alpha he is, will always have good manners. Not saying please and thank you in our house is a capital offense. Calling someone stupid—you can say they did something stupid— is another hanging offense. But I digress... 

Raising kids and raising characters are somewhat similar.  

I want my kids, and my characters, to be adults who know the difference between sex and love, who tell the truth, who know themselves, inside and out. I want my heroes to be strong and protective and my heroines to be able to stand up for themselves, to have strong female friendships and to follow their dreams. 

Characters, and kids, are allowed to be flawed, but they have to be likable. And it’s my job, as a mother and a writer, to make them that way. 

It's a rough job but someone has to do it. 

 (Rourke and Tess stroking a cheetah)

I leave you with two songs about kids and mothers and parenting. Both speak to me on a personal level.  Tim McGraw’s song Humble and Kind is dedicated to my kids. (For every ten songs I have to listen to of their music, they have to listen to this one song—drives them nuts! But that's a good thing!)

The second is Garth Brooke’s song: Mom.


Mothers, it’s the hardest job in the world and you all rock.

With my love

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