Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Fun - TV Confessions

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Debbie Herbert, as she talks about her secret love for The Bachelor / The Bachelorette...

It’s Friday Fun time

I confess: I love The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV Show! 

Call me a sucker. Every season, I look forward to watching two people fall in love in less than a dozen episodes. Please don’t point out the obvious to me: that finding love on a reality TV show is as likely to happen (and last) as finding a diamond in a sack full of charcoal briquettes. 

As each hopeful, gorgeous bachelor/bachelorette arrives at the mansion, primed and screened by producers to fall in love, I get all tingly as the contestants meet. After all, what other lucky couple could have video of the first moment they made eye contact with their one, true love? 
It is unabashedly romanticism at its most sentimental. I get teased A LOT by my more high-browed friends, and the more realistic ones. Here’s some typical comments: How can you watch that drivel? I’m embarrassed for you! It’s not real, you know.

But I’m hoping the Pink Heart Society readers are my true peeps, women who understand the power of love and ideal romance. Fellow sisters who proudly wear those rose-colored glasses. Women who know that romance novels are the highest form of fiction! 

It’s true that the show abounds with clichés: I’m in it for the right reasons, I am on a journey for love, Let’s take this relationship to the next level, My feelings are real, I’ve never felt this way before . . . etc., etc. 

And there is always the episode where they do something like dive off a cliff together or skydive or bungee jump over a canyon. And they always say the similar words afterward: It was taking a leap of faith, like opening up my heart to find love. Turns out, there is a valid, scientific reason that taking risks together bonds couples. Something to do with chemistry and hormones. (Google it!) 

And then there is the highly-anticipated Fantasy Night where the couple is invited to share a bedroom together to take their fledgling relationship to the infamous “next level.” We only get a tease of what happens here . . . the couple enters the bedroom where rose petals adorn the bed and champagne glasses are laid out by the hot tub. The next thing we see is a video cut of the next morning as they wake up in bed together . . . clothed. Drats!

As I write this, I am preparing for the Final Rose Ceremony on Monday night. I have two girlfriends who will come over to my house to watch the show with me. I’ll cook dinner for us, we’ll have a few cocktails and laugh and obsess over the identity of the final lucky woman the bachelor will choose for the . . . you guessed it, the final rose. Hubby will be safely ensconced in the back bedroom watching more “manly” fare as we giggle and/or cry over the emoting contestants.

Are you a fan of romance reality TV shows? Debbie would love to hear your thoughts!

Debbie's latest book, Bayou Shadow Hunter, is out now:

Hot, sultry, deadly...  

These are the secrets that lurk in the bayou.

Bent on revenge, Native American Shadow Hunter Tombi Silver could turn to only one woman, the "witch" Annie Matthews, for help. Her ability to hear auras had allowed her to discover Tombi's friend mystically trapped by forces that could destroy them all. 

The accompanying message of a traitor in their midst meant Tombi could trust no one. Dare he bring Annie along on his quest to fight shadow spirits? Putting his faith in someone outside his tribe, especially one who pulled at his tightly controlled desires, could prove just as dangerous as his mission…

Debbie Herbert writes paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment. She’s always been fascinated by magic, romance and gothic stories. To find out more information about her and her books, check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Now we know your secret, Debbie! While I don't watch the show, I can certainly see the appeal to romance writers/lovers.