Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekend Wildcard -- May I Ask a Favor?

Anne McAllister is catching up to the second decade of the 21st century, albeit a few years late.  She needs your help. 

A number of years ago, like many authors, I began a website.  And after a few years, my webmistress left and I needed a new one, and I found another webmistress and we began again.  Then she decided to move on to other things, and I got another website, and another webmistress and -- guess what! -- it's that time again.

I don't know if it's me, or webmistresses, but my marriage has lasted several decades longer than my forays into social media.  Maybe they just get bored because I don't spend a lot of time there (mea culpa).

Anyway, as I -- and my newest webmistress -- are tangoing around my multitude of books (I'm writing number 70 right now. Gulp!) and she has suggested that we streamline things a bit, I am looking for advice.

You're readers, right?  Or writers? Or both?  So, let me ask you: How do you look for books?

On my current site at you can get at my current books and my backlist through Publishers, Lines, Mini-series and with a Printer-Friendly Booklist.  Honestly, that's a lot of linking.  We'd like to cut it back.

So, how would you look for a book? What are the other things you find useful, entertaining, inspiring, worthwhile on an author's website?
What are things you love? What are things you hate? (Will try not to do those!)

Do you use social media like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram more than you check websites?  Do you like blogs? Newsletters?  Hate 'em?

Inquiring minds are avidly awaiting your responses and suggestions. To bribe you into thinking about it and making constructive comments, my dog Mitch -- ever the generous Golden Retriever -- will send you a copy of one of my books (your choice provided I can find it in the attic) if you are the commenter whose words he finds most wise.


Anne's most recent title, The Return of Antonides was out in October.  She's eagerly awaiting the return of three other books of hers, the Tanner Brothers trilogy, beginning with the reprint of Cowboys Don't Cry.  She'll post the cover on Facebook as soon as she's got it.


  1. If I go to an author's website I want to be able to find her books listed by series, at least, and you do that. (I'm not sure why you call yours "mini-series"; is it so they aren't confused with "series romance"?).

    I would say that the section referring to publishers is the one which you can do without; I don't think most readers are interested in publishers. However, I suppose there might be readers who want to read all your Mills & Boon, or who would look in those categories for a book they remember.

    If books aren't part of a series then I do like to know when they were published, and to have all of them in chronological order, and you do that in your Printable Booklist. There is more detail there than one might find in on-line databases, so again I think you should keep this as it is.

    In conclusion: do you really need to get rid of anything in your books section? It doesn't look overcrowded to me, and there isn't really anything superfluous.

    1. Helena, I answered your comments below, not realizing I could put them right under your post. Sorry! Please send me your address at anne.mcallister (at) and tell Mitch which book you would like and he'll see that you get one. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply so thoughtfully. (See below).

  2. I search based on theme
    and if it's aeries what are the titles in the series--what characters are in what book
    I like newsletters

    1. JCP -- thanks for your reply. I haven't posted a list of books by theme, but I hope that readers can have a look at the blurbs and excerpts and figure out which ones appeal. I will be putting a place to sign-up for newsletters on my new site. I hope you'll check back and sign up or send me an email at anne.mcallister (at) and I'll sign you up ahead of time. If you would like one of my books, Mitch will be happy to send one to you. Send me your contact info at the above email address.

  3. I like printable book lists which I see you have. And I like them in chronological order. And I see you have them broken down by series too.

    I enjoyed the excerpt you had from Breaking The Greek's Rules and it made me want to read the book.

    1. Thank you, Carol. I'm glad you are a fan of printable book lists too. I'm doing my best to keep them in series order, and then to indicate chronological order.

      Mitch would be happy to send you a copy of Breaking the Greek's Rules if you send your contact info to me at anne.mcallister (at) . Thanks again!

  4. Helena, Thank you for taking the time to look over my website so carefully. I appreciate your comments and the thoughtfulness of your reply. My new webmistress has removed the 'publisher' groupings and kept the series (yes, you're right, I used the term 'mini-series' so they wouldn't be confused with series romance because many of them began life as series romances in specific lines.) Some of the books are being removed for the moment because they are out of print, however they will eventually be back in print and will get their own main page at that point. The Printable Booklist will remain available, but updated. Again, thanks so much. Mitch was very impressed with your reply. If you have an Anne McAllister book you would like to have, he will send you one -- or if it's available as an ebook, he'll make sure you get a copy!