Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Tuesday Talk-Time: New Reading Habits

by Jill Kemerer

Not long ago I only read paperbacks or hardcover books. Part of my reading experience has always been the delightful scent of crisp pages and skipping to the end if I felt like cheating. Then in 2014, I received a Kindle as a gift and joined the digital reading revolution. At the time, I scoffed at ever reading on my phone, and yet, here I am, reading plenty of books on my iPhone.

Oh, the convenience! My phone is always with me, therefore, my books are always with me.

Have I gone completely digital? No. I love buying paperback romance novels. Some of my friends' books are only available as eBooks, so I buy eBooks often. For authors or genres I'm not familiar with, I rely on our library. Our library lends eBooks, but they have a limited selection. I subscribe to BookBub for daily deals.

Having options has made my life easier. I'm currently reading an advanced copy of a novel I've been asked to endorse. It's in a pdf file, and I'm able to read it on my phone. I use the Kindle App for Mobi files, and the iBooks App for epub files.

I'll be the first to admit the experience of reading isn't the same on my phone as with a print book, but it's allowing me to read more books. That's the real draw. I don't need the feel of pages turning or to inhale the aroma of paper to keep me in a story. The words themselves reel me in, and isn't that what a good book should do? Make you forget you're swiping pages on a phone as you wait in line for your pizza? And then, when you're home, you leave greasy marks on your screen because you just have to know what happens next?

My reading habits may change, but one thing never will. I'll always love to read!

How have your reading habits changed over the years?

Have a fantastic day!


  1. I read more digital books now, too, Jill, but there is something about a physical book that puts me in my happy place!

  2. Same here, Kristina! My first choice is always a physical book! :)

  3. I have a kindle and I still read actual paperback and hardback books as well.