Thursday, February 18, 2016

Timeout Thursday: A LEGO Kind of Day

New Pink Heart Society columnist, Kristina Knight, is talking about finding your joy in the every day...and in the spectacular.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "A joy shared is a joy doubled."

I like that quote. A lot. I think because I like to see people happy...and when someone around me is happy, it makes me happy. Happy. Happy. Happy.

RadioMan and bebe spent all day Saturday at the LEGO store at one of those create-your-kit days. I was there, too, but LEGOs are so very their thing that a lot of the time I just watched them. Giggling and building and inspecting every last LEGO Friends set until they decided on just the right one. While they were doing their thing, I was doing mine: taking pictures, imprinting the bond between them in my brain because some day I'm going to write a daddy-daughter story and they are so going to be the inspiration for that relationship. Yesterday, I paged back through the pictures on my phone. The bond between them showed in every frame and that was a huge addition of joy to my day.

LEGOs are a more recent addition to my off-time must-do list. I was never into them as a kid, but when bebe got interested I saw that they were a lot more than random colored blocks. You could make actual *things* with them. Houses and villages and play areas...there are sets (of course), but you don't have to follow only their directions. You can take a little artistic license. I love watching RadioMan and bebe bond over their blocks, and I give them their space, but it's fun to join in and build my own sets, too. At Christmas, she gave me a set from The Big Bang Theory and for Valentine's they both gave me a 3-in-1 house - a house that I can change through the seasons...I think it might become a kind of model home for a new series I'm working on...

I think there are moments every day that bring us joy and make us happy. Some are big, momentous moments - like when your guy proposed or the first time your child smiled at you, and some are small, like finding a forgotten $20 bill in your pocket or not having a long line at the coffee shop...or playing LEGOs with your kid when there are dishes to be done or laundry to fold...or a book heading up against a tough deadline. Stolen moments are my favorites, and I think they make the best memories. Don't you? 

What about you? What do you do to bring the happy? 

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