Monday, February 08, 2016

The Many Ways to Love a Hard Man by Lindsay Evans

Greetings, everyone! I’m Lindsay Evans, a new columnist for The Pink Heart Society. I’m chatting about one of my favorite men today, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a big piece of perfection.

He can be the ideal Alpha top, his delicious Dorito-shaped body tattooed and bulging with muscles as he sweats and grunts his way through any action he runs into. And I imagine him being a more than serviceable Beta baby. His smile is to swoon for, a thing of beauty that can drop panties at a thousand paces while he’s being all sweet and accommodating, singing adorable songs as he calls you “darling” and runs the perfect temperature bath water. He’s a versatile man and that’s one of the many things I enjoy about him.

The Rock DJ, as I call him in my sometimes complicated fantasies, has been on my radar for years. Wrestler. Actor. Daddy. All around Good Guy. He plays many parts and plays them incredibly well, and while also being incredibly well-dressed. From tailored suits to sweat-drenched workout gear, he just makes you want to strip him down and lick the salt taste from every possible surface, nook, and cranny. A rock of love, if you will.

I've enjoyed DJ in everything I've seen him in, even those wrestling outfits (maybe especially those). For years now, I've been teasing a friend of mine that I'll write a romance novel about him or RPF (real person fan fiction) with his name just thinly veiled enough for me to avoid a law suit. In these fictional scenarios, I can never decide whether or not to make my friend his love interest or take that role on myself. I suppose I can always make us co-lovers. I’m pretty sure The Rock DJ can handle both of us. He strikes me as a man who can multitask well.

In addition to being able to successfully complete more than one task at a time, in real life, I also adore a lover with a sense of humor. Make me laugh and the panties are already half way off. The Rock DJ’s got jokes for days. Whether hilariously posing with his cheat day meals or rescuing a puppy from certain death at the expense of a (wet) shirt, The Rock DJ is my man.

The other thing about DJ that makes him like no other is that grille. His teeth are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! That smile and the way he effortlessly flashes it and seems authentic and warm even in the most canned of publicity shots makes all the basements flood. I’m a teeth lover from way back, so this man and his gorgeous set of pearly whites are the very definition of perfection.

And while I can’t always smell what The Rock is cookin, I’m fully ready and eager to receive whatever he serves up.

But what do you think? Do only Alpha guys do it for you? Would you kick slimmed-down and sweet DJ out of bed? Leave comments and/or pics of your favorite Beta men below.


  1. Welcome Lindsay! Love the post this morning. I absolutely adore Doritos and Dwayne Johnson. There's something about an Alpha who can play a Beta that is simply irresistible. Will be expecting that future book now....

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Nicole :-). Dwayne Johnson is *such* a wonderful man to adore and I'm super happy to start "columning" with Pink Heart Society by talking about him. Now I'm even more excited to start that novel featuring his imagined romantic exploits. *rubbing hands together*

  2. I too have loved The Rock since he was cooking it up in those ultra tight spandex outfits with his muscles rippling in ways that were barely safe for TV. I'd take him either way he comes though slimmed down, beefed up, that smile is always the same. Oh and I think your friend would totally be his co-lover with you!

    1. You have such excellent taste, Adrien! There are no words for that smile of his. If it's possible to combine sexy and sweet in one flash of teeth, TRDJ absolutely manages it.

      As for my friend's possible co-lover status, you might be on to something there...

  3. Welcome to the Pink Heart Society! I love The Rock and all of his movies. I love the fact that he can do comedy, drama and kid's movies!